A Year of Faves

Roundup of DIY Projects for You Are My Fave by Frock Files

A year ago, I began a new adventure by publishing a monthly DIY post on You Are My Fave. Since I’d never thought of myself as a crafty type, each of those twelve posts stretched my creativity in exciting ways. It turns out that I really love making pretty, useful things with my hands.

You Are My Fave is changing course and I’ll no longer be visiting there each month, so my craft posts will be appearing here from now on. I’m really so grateful to Melanie for her generosity and I’m wishing her all the best — I can’t wait to see what she creates next. Thank you, Melanie – you are my fave!

Here’s to a great year of craft posts! These are my faves:

Breakfast in Bed Table
Gold Dipped Feather Mobile
Mother’s Day Wreath with Secret Note Compartment
Screen Printed T-Shirt
Vintage Inspired Market Cart
Confetti Pillow Cases
Treasure Lei
Magazine Stationery & Washi Pencils
Airmail Envelope iPad Cases

P.S. Incidentally, do you like declaring your favorites or not?

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How To Make a Tyvek Tablet Case

How To Make a Tyvek iPad Case

Calling all mail-obsessed craftsters! Did you know that Tyvek envelopes are basically indestructible? When I learned this bit of trivia, I knew that I needed to find a way to incorporate them into a craft project. And since my iPad needed a home, I created a Tyvek tablet case.

The full tutorial is over at You Are My Fave today, so go check it out! But don’t forget to come back tomorrow for something new and exciting that I’ve been cooking up with one of my favorite ladies. See you then!

Happy Fourth + Mercury Retrograde

Frock Files | The Fourth of July and Mercury Retrograde

We’ll be heading out of town to celebrate the Fourth of July, which I know lots of you are doing as well. Lindsey gave me a head’s up that Mercury is currently in retrograde, which causes all kinds of things to happen including difficulty with travel. Well, that explains the three flat tires we had last week, doesn’t it? My fingers are crossed that our troubles are in the past and that yours are too.

And while you’re thinking about it, you might consider holding off on making any big decisions and purchases until after July 21st. Oh, and try to take it easy on yourself, okay? Don’t take anything people are saying too personally. Mercury Retrograde causes problems with communication too, so it’s best to brush things off and go along on your merry way.

In the event that you don’t yet think I’m insane and want to learn more about this Mercury Retrograde stuff, check these out:

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde
The Old Famer’s Almanac: Mercury in Retrograde 2013
Say Goodbye to the Worst Mercury Retrograde Ever

And for those of you who think this is all woo-woo, here are my favorite Fourth of July posts of the year:

Lemonade Pie (patriotic when topped with berries!)

Five Metallic Star Projects That Don’t Scream Patriotic
Rocket Favors Are My Fave
Patriotic Coconut Pudding Bites (Haupia)

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday when I’ll let you all in on a secret! In the meantime, I’ll be posting pictures of our getaway on Instagram and sharing fun things on my Facebook wall.


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How To: Custom Screen Printed Shirts

Frock Files | Father's Day Customized T-Shirt

Since Father’s Day is coming up, I wanted to make something dad-related for this month’s post on You Are My Fave. It was a harder task than I anticipated. My dad doesn’t golf, almost never wears ties, and doesn’t smoke cigars. So I gave some thought to my family and the good-humored way we all poke fun at each other and came up with this idea for customized screen printed shirts.

Read the story about why I chose the word “stud” and learn how to make your own custom shirt over at You Are My Fave!

How To: Gold Dipped Feather Wall Art

Frock Files | Gold Dipped Feather Wall Art

April arrives next week and with it comes a new theme: home. So it’s only fitting that we kick things off just a little early with a post on decorating your walls. I’m talking about how to create some chic and inexpensive wall art over at You Are My Fave today — and it’s so easy.

After months of moving purging the stuff in our second bedroom, we finally got paint up on the walls and furniture moved in. Now it’s all about the finishing touches. I have these huge blank walls, and while I have plans for the big spaces, the small spaces needed some love. This project was the perfect solution. I hope you’ll check out the simple steps over on the tutorial, then let me know what you think.

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