Something Happy for Your Monday

Well wouldn’t you know, it’s Monday! I know, I’m feeling it too — that aching desire to crawl back under the covers and transport in time back to Sunday morning. Since I haven’t finished building my time machine yet, the best I can do is give you something to make your day a little brighter. I saw this video over the weekend and thought, “Well, that’s probably the first time I’ve ever listened to the pre-boarding announcement.” If only it were always this good.

I’m all about using our strengths to make life better. So this week, maybe you can take five minutes to think about what your gifts are and how you can share them with the people around you. Not only will it make mundane things a whole lot more interesting, but it will also create better connections. And that, I think, is what it’s all about.

What are your hidden talents?

A Care Package From Paris!


For a Francophile who loves snail mail, few things are better than a cute package from Paris. When My Little Paris approached me to contribute to their magazine, I tried to be Parisian-girl cool but instead let out a giddy, Oui! To welcome me to their team, the ladies sent over a My Little Box containing all kinds of beautiful (and beautifully packaged) gifts. Here’s to adding a little bit of Parisian flair to your day!

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Trouble with playing the video here? You can watch it over at Vimeo.

Brunch Bagels Three Ways

Frock Files | Bagels Three Ways

Last weekend, we had two of our favorite people over for our favorite meal: brunch. Since I never know what people will be in the mood for, I like to offer lots of different toppings for bagels. This even makes things easy if you have friends who are eating gluten-free, since GF bagels are easier to come by these days.

Since we’re headed out of town tonight, I won’t be posting tomorrow. So I’m taking this opportunity to wish you a wonderful weekend with a little video to inspire your Saturday or Sunday brunch. Have a wonderful one, friends!

Brunch Bagels Three Ways from Joy Uyeno on Vimeo.

P.S. The perfect thing to accompany bagels? Coconut Butter Coffee. That’s right, butter in your coffee — and it’s actually amazing for you!

Tuesday Tips: How to Get Great Volume

Confession time: I’m kind of stupid about my hair. I thought everyone else just woke up with great hair while mine refused to have any style at all. It’s heavy and straight, and as a result volume isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I’d tried teasing, but I didn’t quite know how to do it. I’ve used every volumizing product on the market. And, yes, I’ve even walked around with big velcro rollers on top of my head. After about an hour, I was back to the land of flat hair. Remember this photo from last summer’s style post? That’s as much volume as my hair gets naturally.

Frock Files | Volumizing Flat Hair

But then last week, I took matters into my own hands and found this video on YouTube. It turns out that I was missing a key step in creating volume that has staying power! Here’s the process — step three was the game changer.

Creating Volume
  1. Mist your whole head with hairspray, being careful not to get too close. You’re aiming for texture, not stiffness.
  2. Using a bristle brush, take a small section of hair and gently brush from mid-shaft to root three or four times.
  3. Spray the underside of that section lightly, then drape the hair over the spray can.
  4. Repeat the process until you’ve worked around your entire head.
  5. Brush the top layer of hair gently to smooth down.

Seriously — life changing. Thank you, University of YouTube.

I’m over at Smart Creative Women today to help Monica with her coffee table dilemma. What’s your favorite? I’m smitten with the second one.

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