Kona the Corgi’s Many Quirks

Kona the Corgi at 10 weeks

Kona has been home for five days now, and in that short period of time we’ve discovered that she’s one quirky puppy. Here are the five kookiest things we’ve learned about her:

1. She loves NPR and George Winston. Whenever she’s stressed out and crying, we turn on Radiolab or This American Life and she chills out within a couple of minutes. The George Winston part I’m less excited about. And she hates the news.

2. At night, she’ll cry in her crate until we turn on a sleep hypnosis recording called Happy App. Then she’s out like a light for a full eight hours! (This totally amazes us.)

3. She’s not interested in her food unless it’s mixed with goat’s milk yogurt. (I know. I know.)

4. The sun is not her friend. When we go outside for walks during the day, she runs to the first shady spot she can find and will. Not. Budge.

5. But she loves the rain. We had a downpour on Friday and we got great walks in that day. She also loves being wrapped up in a towel to be dried off afterward. With her fur drenched, she shrinks down to half her width!

What weird things do your furry friends do?

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