Our Christmas Card 2013

Frock Files | Happy Holiday Greetings

We’re beginning our Christmas festivities today, but I just wanted to wish you all a very merry one. I’m so grateful for the surprises that this blog has brought me this year, including some amazing friendships. You’ve all given me the greatest gift I could ask for. Thank you, and Merry Everything!

How To Wrap Gifts With Fabric

Japanese Fabric Gift Wrapping Technique - Easy!

The other day, I was walking Kona when I heard a voice from above saying, “Hi! Up here!” It wasn’t a divine presence, but it was a neighbor I’d bumped into several times in the hallway. We’d never officially met because I’m always ushering Kona quickly out onto the lawn while she’s herding her 2-year-old twins toward their condo, but now she was cleaning her windows and I was right outside of them. We had a delightful little chat and I left feeling glad to know her.

Fast forward to Sunday, when James discovered that he had lost his iPhone. We searched high and low but found nothing. Several hours later, we got a knock on the door and that same neighbor was standing outside. “Did you lose something?” she asked. She had picked up the phone from the parking lot earlier and when she saw my name come up as a text she knew it belonged to us. Well, it’s a good thing we met that day! Maybe it was divine intervention after all.

To thank her, I cooked up some sweet cornbread. Maybe it’s an indication that I’ve been doing too much blogging lately, but it looked so sad in the boring old tupperware. So I used a great graphic napkin from West Elm and wrapped it up Japanese-style. Since I’m guessing lots of us will be giving food gifts over the next few months, I put together a little tutorial. It’s really easy to execute, and lovely to look at.

Japanese Fabric Gift Wrapping Technique - Easy!

1. Place your square tupperware (or box) in the middle of the napkin (or any other large square piece of fabric) at a diagonal.

Japanese Fabric Gift Wrapping Technique - Easy!

2. Lift the top and bottom corners and knot them in the middle.

Japanese Fabric Gift Wrapping Technique - Easy!

3. Then lift the left and right corners and knot them on top of the first knot. The four ends should point in different directions like petals on a flower.

The trick is to use a large enough piece of fabric so that you can easily make the knots. Easy, right? People love getting gifts wrapped in fabric — there’s something luxurious about it — but it’s also SO easy. Bonus: it’s environmentally friendly because fabric can be used over and over!

Where We’re Going

Frock Files | Where We're Going

A year-and-a-half ago, I dusted off this long-neglected blog. My only purpose was to have a space in which to play with a few creative ideas and post about things that I found inspiring. I had no idea that it would evolve into something that, in many ways, shapes the very happy life I have now. Since that starting point in November 2011, nearly everything in my life has changed and the blog has changed too, with it; because of it.

Working on Frock Files isn’t my full-time job; it’s one part of several roles I juggle as a freelance writer, designer, and photographer. But the blog is what takes up the most room in my schedule, my mind, and my heart. Most of my attachment stems from the warm, easy friendships that have grown out of the blogging community. Every time I schedule a post, a little light turns on inside me because I can’t wait to share it with you. Frock Files has given me something I’ve searched for for a long time: purpose.

One of the “feel good” things I’ve been doing this year is to take my own wishes more seriously. I’ve always admired people who say, “I’d like to…” and then go about figuring out a way to do it, rather than brushing it off and going on their merry way. Over the last few months, I’ve realized that I’d like to have more time and energy to put into improving this space. So when the opportunity arose for me to join Burst Media, I gladly accepted.

What does this mean? Over the next week, the blog will be undergoing some adjustments and I’ll be including a few more advertisements in the sidebar. The content will remain the same (and hopefully, over time, get better), but my hope is that the advertisements will help to make it possible to continue growing. As always, I’ll work hard to make sure that the posts are genuine and thoughtful.

So thank you for sharing this space with me and for being part of its growth. And thanks, most especially, for visiting with me every day.

Love, Joy



Happy New Year

Happy 2013! I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for taking the time to come and visit this blog. Frock Files has become such an extension of my life and I love being able to share it with you. We’re off to celebrate the New Year with family, so I’ll just take a second to wish you all a safe and happy start to the year.

Love, Joy

P.S. Yes, those are my toes. I take pictures of other things too, over on Instagram. Are you on Instagram? I’d love to follow you. Leave your Instagram name in the comments and I’ll look you up!

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