Happy Blizzard Day!

We’re about to have the first blizzard to hit the East Coast since 2009, which I have to admit I’m not terribly excited about. But it does mean that we have an excuse to stay indoors all weekend to eat “storm food” (whatever’s in our pantry, which includes some really delicious and terribly unhealthy stuff), watch movies, and enjoy each other’s company. Whether or not you’re stormed in this weekend, here are six things you should absolutely check out because they’ll add a little bit of light to your life.

These are temporary, but I’m thinking I’d like permanent ones.

Even though we swore off pets for awhile, this has me reconsidering.

There are so many talented people in the world — especially in France.

Know any men who act like boys? When they wonder why no one wants to have sex with them, send them here.

Chocolate x 25 – guilt = happiness.

A wall of love notes? If your love language is words, this one’s for you.

Oh, and if you haven’t entered the Caravan Shoppe giveaway, there’s still time! The drawing happens on Sunday at 10pm EST, so spill your beans about your first crush and you could win some gorgeous wall art.

Faking It

As I write this, I’m sitting in a Stumptown cafe, which is always a quintessential Portland experience. With the exposed brick walls, concrete flooring, and abundance of hipsters, this former Northeasterner (ie: prepster) never quite feels appropriately attired.

As I’ve moved around, I’ve noticed that my style changes depending on the city I’m in. It takes time, but eventually the look of a city seeps its way into my wardrobe. But while I admire a lot of things about Portland style, a lot of it just doesn’t suit me or my personality. For instance, I love the look of tattoos on other girls — tasteful, elegant tattoos — but I don’t know if I can bring myself to put something permanent on my skin.

If you’re thinking about a tattoo, or if you just want to experiment with ink before enduring hours under a needle, you might consider something temporary. I’m really in love with the ones released by Chanel, but I’m also a fan of being able to design your own through Tattoo Johnny, which lets you print right at your computer. Another site, 24 Hour Tattoos, will print your design for you onto transfer paper.

Anyone else thinking about getting some ink? I’d love to hear about your design ideas by tweet or comment.

Also, check out this goofy Portlandia skit about tattoos. Too appropriate not to include here.

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