How Target is Making Life More Efficient

How Target is Making Life More Efficient | Frock Files

The other afternoon, my boss asked how I was coping with our recent run of bad luck and I confessed that I’ve taken to eating cereal for dinner since James isn’t usually home. “I can’t figure out how to fit everything into one day and still have the energy to eat anything that takes more than two minutes to make,” I said.

My boss, who has a full-time job and three very active children, said, “That’s why I do all my shopping online.”


Only, even when I remember to do the shopping I usually end up forgetting something crucial.

So I was thrilled to learn that Target now offers a subscription service, through which you can have those household necessities delivered on a schedule. If you find that you don’t need laundry detergent every month but instead every six weeks, you can easily log in and make the adjustment yourself. Here are the categories you can order subscription items from:

Target Subscription Service

By wiping all of those last minute shopping trips off my to do list, I’ll be saving myself hours each week. We’ll also be saving money, since you receive a 5% discount off of subscription items plus another 5% discount if you use your Target REDcard.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all is that I don’t have to dedicate any more room in my brain to panicking over whether or not our toilet paper supply will last until I get to the store, or if we’ll have coffee when we’re bleary eyed on Monday morning.

Even after all this craziness ends (and it will end, right?), we’ll be happy to have this tool to get us one step closer to an orderly life.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Target. The opinions and text are all mine.


Chic Cape Style for Summer

Chic Summer Style by Joules | Frock Files

Usually, when we take our clothes out of storage I find all of these things that I had forgotten about that I love. Not this year. In fact, as we pulled out our summer clothes I remembered how much I needed new clothes at the end of last summer. Shopping, anyone?

I’ve been on the hunt for everything summer, but for a long time I was having difficulty finding things that struck the right balance of casual, comfortable, and chic. When the UK company Joules introduced me to their new US line, I was thrilled to find that so many of their pieces are right up my alley. In fact, take a look and you’ll see splashes vintage floral–I do like to be the walking embodiment of my blog!

Joules asked me to put together a wish list for my ideal summer holiday outfit from their Vacation Shop, and I instantly thought of what I’d wear on a day on Cape Ann.

Chic Summer Style by Joules | Frock Files

When we’re on the North Shore, we might go from a hot dog lunch to a lobster dinner with friends, so it’s important that I wear something that can transition easily. This is just as good for popping into little beachy boutiques as it is for sitting down with a cool glass of white wine.

I love that all of these pieces work so well both together and separately, too. The grey skirt is one of those that I’ll live in all summer, paired with a cami and cardi for the office, with a belt and an embellished top for date night, and just as it is in this collage for basically every other circumstance I can think of.

Chic Summer Style by Joules | Frock Files

And for those summer storms, I’ve already got my eye on a pair of Wellies from Joules’ large selection! They are, after all, English. They know how to conquer rain in style.

Are you already acquainted with Joules? I’d love to hear about what would make your summer style wish list. Until then, enjoy this first official weekend of summer!

This post was sponsored by Joules but all opinions are my very own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make it possible for me to continue investing in Frock Files.

Holiday Party Goal: Fight Fat Talk

#FightFatTalk on Frock Files

It all started with a comment about cankles.

A girlfriend and I were shopping recently, when she rejected a pair of shoes she’d tried on because they accentuated her so-called thick ankles. We spiraled quickly to comparing back fat, pulling at our waistlines, and talking about how dreamy it would be to have a space between our thighs.

We aren’t unintelligent women but in the span of five minutes, we had regressed to high school. Why? We have so many other things to talk about — we’d both read the same book recently, we have interesting jobs, and we’re both NPR junkies. But instead of talking about something interesting, we were flapping our arms around like chickens to demonstrate the jiggle-ability of our arm fat.

Silence is Golden

Not long after the cankle incident, James and I began using an app called My Fitness Pal that helps to track calories taken in (by eating) and burned (with exercise). For a few days, I tracked my food without changing my habits and realized that I was eating about 30% more calories per day than I needed to. I began planning my meals in advance to fit within my 1,200 calorie budget and made two surprising discoveries:

1. My notoriously grumpy digestive system became A LOT happier
2. I stopped feeling the impulse to point out all of my physical flaws

In a study conducted by Special K, half of the women surveyed agreed with the statement, “It’s better to criticize myself before someone else does.” I found that once I started taking control of my weight management, I stopped feeling the need to engage in fat talk.

Physically, I don’t look much different, but I’m doing what I can to stay healthy and that’s made a huge change in the way I think about my body. What I figured out was this: my fat talk was more about feeling guilty for ignoring my body than it ever was about my actual weight.

How to Be More Charming

Together with Special K and Tyra Banks, I’m pledging to put an end to fat talk. Special K believes that positive self image is the key to weight management, and based on my experiences, I totally agree!

So before you make the rounds at holiday parties over the next couple of weeks, think up some conversation starters that lead the discussion away from moaning about your Spanx to something more interesting — and, really, everything is more interesting. You’ll be more charming and you’ll keep your fellow party goers from spiraling into the fat talk abyss too.

P.S. We’ll be talking about this topic on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #FightFatTalk, and we’d love to have you join in the conversation! I’d love to know how you focus on staying positive about your body image.


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Special K but, as always, all opinions are my own.

Make Your Own Online Adventure

Over the past few days, I’ve had a little more time to play with the website, and I’ve really enjoyed the way it’s opening me up to new things while allowing me to hone in on the things I already love.

The main page of your account will display your most prominent personality trait, but you can click among the traits at the top to discover even more content. When I did that, I discovered that I was really more interested in the “caregiver” archetype than the “tastemaker” one, since I’m in nesting mode. I made a little adjustment by clicking on the settings icon and then selecting the “Modify Archetypes” tab. | A New Social Media App Based on Personality

Here’s a little tour of the Archetypes main pages: | A New Social Media App Based on Personality

The Daily Me: Each day, fresh Archetype–rooted content appears here. The articles are written by Archetype staffers and are actually quite good. My favorite post so far introduced me to the work of photographer Ted Spagoli, who documented what people look like over the course of a night’s sleep. | A New Social Media App Based on Personality

From the {Archetypes} Community: In my opinion, this is the most useful part of the website. As you bookmark content, you specify which archetype the material fits into. Those bookmarks are then shared within your archetype communities, so you’ll get to see what other creatives, intellectuals, caregivers, tastemakers, etc. are looking at. It’s a great way to get exposed to new outlets. It’s how I discovered this incredible video about a 97-year-old who creates beautiful artwork pixel by pixel. | A New Social Media App Based on Personality

ME Board: This is where all of your bookmarked content shows up. It operates a lot like Pinterest, except that you can more easily share content with friends by clicking “you”. I imagine it’s going to be fun to log on and see that someone saw something and thought of you – it feels a bit more personal than being tagged in a pin or a tweet.

I say, “I imagine” because the Archetypes community is currently so new that, as of this writing, I don’t have any friends yet. So, hey, let’s be friends!

P.S. It’s not too late to enter to win a $50 gift card courtesy of Take the quiz and share your results on social media with the hashtags #frockfiles #archetypes #whatsyours.


This post was created in collaboration with but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors who make Frock Files possible!

What’s Your Archetype?

One of the best things about creating my Weekly Roundup posts is that it keeps me on my toes all week, searching for fascinating things to share with you. But lately, I’ve been feeling the need to diversify a little. Since I have my favorite NPR programs, blogs, and news outlets, I sometimes feel like I’m linking to the same outlets every week.

So when the new curatorial website community approached me to test out their beta site, I was intrigued. Archetypes gives users a multi-faceted approach to finding fresh content by suggesting items, allowing users to bookmark their own items, and encouraging users to bookmark items for friends.

It all starts with a quick personality questionnaire, which asks about what you like to do and how you (and others) perceive yourself. From there, the system offers up three categories that best represent your interests. Mine were pretty spot on: creative, intellectual, and tastemaker. | A New Social Media App Based on Personality

From there, the Archetypes engine creates a page of suggested content called the “Daily Me” with posts on interesting people, off-the-beaten-track travel ideas, and niche-specific products. Perhaps my favorite element is the ArcheSCOPES, horoscopes that match your sun sign with your personality type to predict what your month will look like. (It helps that mine looked pretty great.) | A New Social Media App Based on Personality

I’m partnering with to give away one $50 Visa gift card. To enter, take the personality quiz and share your results on your favorite social media outlets using these hashtags: #FrockFiles #archetypes #whatsyours. Simply click on the “share your results” buttons at the bottom of your “Meet Your Archetypes” page to get started. | A New Social Media App Based on Personality

So now the question is: what’s your archetype? Take the quiz and let me know – I’m excited to compare notes!

* The $50 Visa gift card giveaway is open to US entrants only. Winner will be contacted directly and announced on the Frock Files blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts. This post was sponsored by All opinions are my own.

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