Autumn Refresh: The Best Bedding

Autumn Refresh: Bedding Makeover | Frock Files

Our bed has been an embarrassing hodge podge of college-era comforters, hole-y quilts, and mismatched pillowcases for far too long. I’ve always justified it by telling myself that no one else spends time in our bedroom anyway, but this Autumn Refresh challenge has given me the perfect excuse to finally give our bedding a facelift.

People who visit usually use the word “cozy” when they talk about our home. I have an affinity for soft things–both of our couches are cloud-like in their ability to envelop even the tallest of our friends; we have fluffy throws everywhere; I live in cashmere in the wintertime; Kona (need I say more?). The bedding was no exception.

My Favorite Bedding Picks

Once I started choosing the elements, I began to understand why it’s really taken me this long to get my act together when it comes to bedding: there are lots of pieces to coordinate! Here’s what I ended up with, and I have to say, I’m thrilled with every piece.

Sheets: While our blankets were mismatched, we’ve always had really nice sheets. A couple of years ago, Lindsey discovered these Beech sheets at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and she insisted that I buy a set immediately. Luckily, I listened. They’re the softest, most luxurious feeling sheets I’ve ever owned–even better than the high thread count Egyptian cotton ones I used to have. A head’s up that these say sateen and they appear shiny at first, but they lose that shiny look after the first wash–thank goodness.

Autumn Refresh: Bedding Makeover | Frock Files

Blanket: When Kim of DLK told me that she would be importing her favorite cotton sweater throws from Australia, I knew that it would be love at first sight. I was right. This throw was a bit of a splurge, but I just love the character it brings to our bedroom. It’s also incredibly soft. As you can see, Kona loves it too. In fact, we may fight over it a little. What can I say? She has good taste.

Duvet Insert and Duvet Cover: For awhile, I’ve been waking up feeling really hot in the middle of the night, but all that changed once we got this duvet insert and cover. The duvet insert is filled with down alternative, but it’s not overly filled, which makes it breathable so that I’m not waking up sweating at 3am. The duvet cover is made of super soft Egyptian cotton that makes climbing into bed feel like a religious experience. Bonus: both were steals on Amazon.

It should be noted that our bed started off feeling pretty great, despite our eclectic bedding, because we invested in a Tempur-Pedic awhile back. My god, we love that mattress. In the dead of winter, we layer on an electric blanket to warm the mattress before we climb in, which makes the Tempur-Pedic a big, dreamy marshmallow. Mmm…

Autumn Refresh: Bedding Makeover | Frock Files

That’s it for this week’s peek into our Autumn Refresh! Check back next week for a little DIY action, and don’t forget to head over to The Caterpillar Years to see which area of her home office/guest bedroom Heather’s revealing this week. Are you working on a decor project? We would love to check it out! Tag it on Instagram using #AutumnRefresh.

Avoid the Grumpies

Without enough sleep (or enough food), I am a very unpleasant human being. In fact, I don’t even know if I qualify as a human at that point — surly, disheveled Muppet would be more accurate. So I go to pretty extreme lengths to get as much sleep as possible. Working at home is an enormous bonus on that front. But aside from that, I’ve accumulated a number of lovely things that help me feel like I’m sleeping in a fluffy cloud.

1. Incase Reflex Headphones  2. Martha Stewart Sleep Wise Gusset Foam Pillow  3. Ikea Rens Sheepskin  5. Aerie Softest Robe

Perhaps the greatest find of 2011 was these Beech sheets from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Lindsey found them, washed them, slept in them, and sent me a euphoric text: YOU MUST BUY THESE SHEETS!!! Since this is the woman who recommended Mario Badescu’s skincare line, which ended my fifteen year struggle with acne, I usually take these recommendations pretty seriously. The sheets are heavenly. I want five sets of them. I want clothes made out of them. They’re the shit.

Also, if you have trouble turning off your brain at night, you should definitely try hypnosis. The iTunes store sells an app by Hypnotransformations called “Sleep Soundly” that’s pretty amazing. The layers of sound come through in waves, so it’s important to have a good pair of headphones. Will you wake up with somewhat crazy hair? Probably. That’s what flat irons are for.

If you want to read something less fluffy than this post about the link between sleep and happiness, check out this article at Psychology Today by the Happiness Project’s Gretchen Rubin.

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