Bright Lights on Sana of SBSK

Sana and I didn’t meet too long ago, but we hit it off instantly with a mutual appreciation for each other’s sense of style. I love the way Sana can combine cool, crisp style with a bohemian ambiance that’s all her own. It’s no wonder she’s such a great stylist! Her blog, SBSK (Styling by Sana Keefer), is all about living in balance — enjoying life while being conscious of balance.

Bright Lights on Sana of SBSK

What do you do for a living?:  I am an interior/prop stylist and creative director.

Places you’ve lived:  Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Manhattan, Brooklyn.

Place you’d most like to visit: Thailand; Ko Samui in particular.

Your favorite indulgence: As of a few weeks ago, acupuncture. I’m super into spa treatments but I knew spad days alone weren’t enough to keep my stress levels in check. I wanted something more closely tied to mind and body so I tried a acupuncturist in Los Feliz. Amazing. I’d highly recommend it if you’re comfortable with holistic healing.

The best advice you’ve ever received: “Don’t ride the highs so high and the lows so low.” It pretty much applies to everything in life and reminds me to center myself when I’m freaking out about something ridiculous. When I think about it, it’s all ridiculous. I have my life, health, loved ones and resources. What more is there, really?What’s your favorite healthy recipe? It’s definitely green juice. My concoction of green apples, celery, lime and spinach makes me want to jump into a full on juice diet like Kelly Wearstler but I love the variety in food too much to go to those lengths.


(use organic where possible)

2       limes
1        granny smith apple
1½   cups of spinach
½     bushel of kale
5        celery sticks


1.       Wash produce thoroughly
2.      Peel lime and remove apple core
3.      Cut any brown portions from produce
4.      Add to juicer on high with tougher ingredients like apples first
5.      Add remaining ingredients

Bright Lights on Sana of SBSK

A book largely about being an adult in years but not knowing what the heck you’re supposed to do: The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. I read it in one sitting. Granted, I was on an 11 hour flight, but still — I could have opted for Sky Mall. I think it’s a my favorite fictional read to date. Ernest Hemingway was something of an enigma for sure. Most of the way through, I drew parallels between his characteristics as an obsessive writer/artist and those of my literary friends. Life is intense for a writer.

Another book I’m excited about is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It’s a great read on facing yourself; removing the obstacles that prevent us from achieving the things we want. It helped me realize that the obstacle is often me! We have to be humble enough to admit that, but really, it’s a weight lifted when you realize the power shifts to you… if you want it to.

Proud Type A personalities read on. I’m super into containers in general. I’m a little type A and like everything to have a place and be visually pleasing, so I use Le Parfait jars often. The French company makes well-designed jars of all sizes that are a dream for homemade jams, pickling, extras, and even serving!

I’m starting to get antsy about this one, you guys! I’ve worked on every space but my own. It’s coming along though. Slowly but surely. Initially we bought a sofa from Organic Modernism when we moved to LA from Brooklyn. In hindsight I don’t know what possessed me to buy an oatmeal colored sofa but I did and now I’m totally bored with it despite the many colorful throw pillows piled on top of it. So, we’re having the cushions re-upholstered in this crazy banana palm fabric that they have. They’re a smaller Brooklyn based company that has a lot of refined lodge-y, cabin cool pieces that work well for the canyon apartment we live in now. This style really compliments the landscape of the hills.

Not to make it all about Brooklyn but one of my new fave stationery designers happens to do her thing there. Her name is Emily of Hartland Brooklyn. So fun, a bit quirky and thoughtfully illustrated.

Do you ladies know about the Mophie? Seriously it has saved me so many times when traveling. It’s pretty much a charger that snaps onto the iPhone like a case so it does double duty. Admittedly, it isn’t as easy on the eyes but that’s where designer iphone cases come in. AphroChic’s new line of cases (Juju being my absolute fave) are based on the designer Jeanine’s wallpaper collection — phone party for home decor fanatics like myself.

Thoughts on…

Craft supplies: I’m going to have to say that Zinsser Bulls Eye Shellack is the brightest star in my craft closet. It’s non-toxic coat when dry to seal in painting. I use it on props and DIY projects around the home. If you’re striping or dip painting anything around the home, it’s a go-to.

And accessories: I’m visual directing and consulting for this new line of fashion accessories stores launching in malls throughout Los Angeles end of summer so it’s pretty accurate to say that I am completely obsessed with accessories right about now. Walking the aisles of their fashion district warehouse is like heaven for a girl — love it! There are times when I’m coordinating wallpaper and vintage props for one of the stores with accessories like baubles (obsessed) or scarves and I’m thinking, wow, this looks so good together, I need the home and the fashion accessories!

Thank you, Sana! Check out more of Sana’s thoughts, recipes, and photos at SBSK.
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