Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Ongoing Gifts

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When I was a little girl, I always had a pen pal. (In fact, one of those pen pals is a real life best friend!) My mom, who understood and nurtured my love of mail, let me dip into her collection of thick cotton stationery from Crane to write notes to friends all over the world. To this day, I look forward to getting the mail in the afternoons on the off chance that a handwritten note is buried among the catalogs and bills. And I especially love getting care packages!

If you and your mom share the same love of great mail, here are a few ideas for gifts that will brighten her mailbox throughout the year.

Year-Long Mother’s Day Gifts:

(Vegan) Beauty in a Box. My mom and I love to exchange notes about the beauty products we’re using. She’s always one step ahead of me, especially with natural products. I love this cruelty-free gift box idea by VeganCuts. For $20/month, your mom can sample a range of vegan products ranging from makeup to mouth care.

Good Reads. There are two magazines that I absolutely love getting in the mail: Real Simple and The New Yorker. Maybe your mom loves to cook (Cooking Light or Bon Apetit), craft (Mollie Makes), or stay up-to-date with the literary community (The Paris Review). If she’s more of a bookworm, you might try the book subscription service Just the Right Book.

Bling! For the mom whose jewelry box is overflowing, RocksBox sends out a monthly box with three pieces of jewelry. She can buy the jewelry or wear it and exchange it down the road. ($19/month)

Small Batch Foodie Care Packages. For foodies, I really can’t think of anything better than the seasonal care packages from Eat Boutique. I’ve tried almost everything from Eat Boutique and I’ve enjoyed it all — and I’m totally obsessed with a bunch of the products. Can you say truffle mayo? Helloooo French hot chocolate! ($100/year)

Boutique Goods to Support Women. Umba Box always sends lovely, useful handmade products in their gift boxes, and I love their philosophy of helping women around the world to support themselves through their craft. It’s a beautiful way to bring together ethical giving and delightful things. ($30/month)

Which one would your mom like best?

A Care Package for Mom

Frock Files | Mother's Day Care Package

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I got to work picking out a few things for my mom. She’s such fun to shop for because we’re essentially the same person! I’m actually turning into my mom and that’s a good thing.

It all started out with this bamboo cookbook stand, which I fell in love with because I’m always bringing my iPad into the kitchen — and I knew my mom would love it too. And so would James’ mom. (Yes, I bought three.) But then it looked so lonely that I just had to buy a cook book. The Momofuku cookbook is filled with so many scrumptious things, many of them gluten-free, which is just up my mom’s alley.

Frock Files | Mother's Day Care Package

It’s from my mom that I inherited my love of pretty things and paper. These Kate Spade note cards are beyond perfection. Don’t you just want to frame them – or wear them? I love the attention to detail, with the black and white stripe inside the envelope. Every detail is just right.

Frock Files | Mother's Day Care Package

Growing up, my mom always loved grapefruit soap and she once told me she wished The Body Shop would create a grapefruit perfume. Every weekend, I submitted a request in their comment box at our local store. So when I saw that Jo Malone carries a grapefruit scent I nabbed a sample. Who knows if she still wants it? The tiny vial will do until we find out.

I hope she likes it! What are you getting your mom for mother’s day? Is she near or far? For all you moms out there, any Mother’s Day wishes?

P.S. I’ve asked my mom not to look at my blog until after Mother’s Day. It’s a good thing she and my dad are in Napa celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary! Mom (and Dad), when you do read this, happy anniversary!

How To: Mother’s Day Wreath

Frock Files | Secret Message Wreath for Mother's Day

April flew right by and all of a sudden I’ve begun having to turn the page in my calendar when I’m making plans with friends. With May comes that all important celebration of motherhood, so I focused on that while brainstorming ideas for my latest post on You Are My Fave. Since my mom and I share a love of notes, I created a wreath that includes little compartments that can be filled with words of love each Mother’s Day. What would you write to your mom?

Head over to You Are My Fave to check out the full tutorial!

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