A Handsome Woman

Whenever I’ve read the description “handsome woman” I’ve had to stop and think about it awhile. What, exactly, is a handsome woman? And is it a sort of underhanded compliment that really means, “She would be attractive if she were a man. But instead she’s a woman who looks manly.” Of course, there are probably lots of advantages to being a handsome woman, like being taken very seriously all the time.

Pondering the idea of handsome women, it occurred to me that I’ve recently been drawn to somewhat masculine things. I love the juxtaposition of classic masculine with romantic feminine, the combination of which seems vintage-y and vaguely Parisian. Over the years, I’ve tempered my inclination for overtly shabby chic girlishness with subtly masculine accessories to avoid going into the Laura Ashley territory. Some my current favorite things could easily transition into the masculine territory. I, however, will likely never be a handsome woman — which is too bad, actually, because looking like Glenn Close might actually get people to stop carding me at bars.

1. Timex Originals Easy Reader  2. Goorin Bros. Freddie  3. Anniel Leather Lace-Up Oxford  4. Peace4You Original Upcycled Messenger Bag  5. Anthropologie Milo Sofa


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