Simple Recipe: Sweet Iced Coffee Cubes

Frock Files | Sweet Coffee Cubes for Iced Coffee

This post was originally published last summer. Since I’ve begun making them again (it’s hot here!), I thought you might want a refresher to impress your 4th of July guests.

In the summertime, I love drinking iced coffee instead of my usual steaming cup of joe. Since I cold brew our coffee anyway, it’s actually easier in the mornings. But I like drinking my coffee in a leisurely fashion, which is hard with iced coffee because I’d end up with watery melted ice cubes on the top and the heavy coffee/milk combination on the bottom. Not appetizing.

I’ve heard of people freezing their coffee into cube form to eliminate the watery coffee issue, but when I did it I found that my coffee got bitter because the coffee to milk/sweetener ratio got thrown off. Since I sweeten my coffee with a little bit of condensed milk, I just added a tiny bit of condensed milk to the cubes to keep the proportions just right. It works! And a bonus: it’s really pretty.

Frock Files | Sweet Coffee Cubes for Iced Coffee


Condensed milk
Cold coffee


1. Drizzle a quarter to half a teaspoon of condensed milk into the ice cube tray. You can also use caramel if you prefer the richer flavor, but you may need to heat it slightly in the microwave to get it to settle sufficiently.

2. Pour the coffee over the condensed milk. Add cream or milk if desired.

3. Freeze for at least four hours, or overnight.

Frock Files | Sweet Coffee Cubes for Iced Coffee

This is the perfect thing to serve for brunch or with afternoon visitors. Add a little bit of Kahlua and you have an instant cocktail!
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