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Toddler Girl's Summer to Fall Outfit

There are few things I love more than shopping for little ones — just ask my friend Heather, whose little girl was always ready to play dress up when we both lived in Portland! (A fashionista in her own right, at just four years old.)

This past weekend, I had the chance to do some toddler girl shopping and I found so many cute things. In fact, they make so many adorable things for wee ones now that I’m a little jealous. Isn’t there some kind of ray gun that expands kids’ clothing into grown-up sizes? You may have seen the final outfit in my Instagram feed, but if I had a bit more time I’d have chosen all of these things.

I think toddler clothing should be comfortable, breathable, and adorable, and all of these fit the bill. It’s the perfect transitional outfit: the dress and Toms right now, layered with the leggings and (totally awesome) cardigan later.

Do you have a favorite place to shop for the kids in your life? I’m always looking for new lines, so I’d love to know!


Cardigan: Mini Boden | Dress: Baby Gap | Leggings: CarlyMegan | Shoes: Toms

A Care Package From Paris!


For a Francophile who loves snail mail, few things are better than a cute package from Paris. When My Little Paris approached me to contribute to their magazine, I tried to be Parisian-girl cool but instead let out a giddy, Oui! To welcome me to their team, the ladies sent over a My Little Box containing all kinds of beautiful (and beautifully packaged) gifts. Here’s to adding a little bit of Parisian flair to your day!

See the other care package posts here!

Trouble with playing the video here? You can watch it over at Vimeo.

How to Assemble a Care Package for Baby

Frock Files | Care Package for Baby

One of my oldest friends just gave birth to a little boy, so I put together a care package for him. Is there anything better than shopping for baby things? I’m completely unprepared to be a mother, but I would love to be a baby stylist. Luckily, there are more and more wee ones in my life to send goodies to.

Whenever I’m shopping for kids, I worry first about texture. The Jellycat stuffed animals are the softest, and they’re so, so cute — and kid approved! I gave one to one of my favorite kids and now her little sister drags it around behind her, Linus style. I also consider items that parents will be entertained by, too, like this book. If you haven’t read it, you have to get your hands on it soon. It’s so funny and well done! And those teensy tiny shoes? I mean, come on.

Frock Files | Care Package for Baby

What kinds of things do you love to send for newborns?

Book: Barnes + Noble
Zebra: Anthropologie (Not available online at Anthro but you can get it at
Onesie: Gap Baby
Pants: Target
Shoes: Target

Celebrating the Many March Birthdays

The snow is falling here in New England, but I still feel like it’s time for ballet flats and flowers. Part of my excitement stems from the fact that Daylight Savings is happening this weekend, which means that the sun will be up until 6:45pm here (oh, dream of dreams)! Also, by this time next week it’ll already be the middle of March. I realized that as I was scheduling a meeting the other day and wanted to do a happy dance.


My celebratory mood may also have something to do with the fact that we have so many friends who are born in March. Do you find this to be true in your life, too? Count backward nine months, and it all begins to make sense. So for all these early springtime babies, we’re celebrating non-stop. If you are too, here are some party ideas to get you going:

For brunch birthday parties (we’re having one tomorrow!), an ingenious way to cook eggs and bacon.

No one else will have this gift wrap.

For him.

For her.

Because there must be a cake. Or cakes!

What I’d like for my birthday (which is many, many months away).

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! And check back on Monday, when I’ll be unveiling something I’ve been working hard on. xo

Image by the lovely Justina Blakeney.

How To: Treasure Ball

Hello, Friends! Before I get into showing you my new DIY, I wanted to let you know that I’ve created a new about page, including FAQs. Also, you can also get the Frock Files newsletter delivered straight to your email twice a month — just enter your information in the subscription box in the sidebar. Thank you for being a part of this community!

When we went on vacations as kids, my mom had the ingenious idea of making the trips less painful for everyone by creating treasure balls for me and my sister. We were obsessed with these candles my parents used to buy, which contained little surprises that emerged as the wax melted — the treasure ball comes from the same idea. Each hour that we were on the plane, we were allowed to unravel our ball until the next prize was revealed. So it’s a fun way to keep kids entertained, but it turns out that adults love them too!

You’ll Need:
  • Two rolls of crepe paper
  • An assortment of goodies
  • Washi tape

1. Start by putting the bulkiest item in the middle. I put the egg shaped lip balm in there, then wrapped and wrapped (about 30-50 times) before adding another prize.

2. I decided to switch things up about a quarter of the way through and began using pink crepe paper for variety.

3. Continue to wrap the prizes, alternating bulky ones with slimmer ones for balance. Don’t worry about making it completely symmetrical. No one will care about the shape of the ball — they’ll be too eager to unravel their prizes to notice.

4. Once you’ve wrapped up all your prizes, seal off the crepe paper with some washi tape.

This is the perfect thing for anyone who gets excited about fortune cookies or loves those capsules that dissolve in water and turn into animal shaped sponges (mine were somehow always dinosaurs). Or someone who, like me, gets excited about the possibility of receiving great mail everyday. Or, you know, anyone who likes happy surprises. (Who doesn’t?)

What goodies would you choose?

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