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If you’re anything like me, you probably have some pretty cool kids in your life. Take my niece and nephew, for instance. These were kids who, from day one, had their own sense of style. Where I grew up in a time where everyone wore matching Sanrio-themed leggings and had basically the same haircut, Akira and Jolie make their own fashion rules, accessorize with freedom, and hop on trends before I even know that they exist. (Jolie, at age four, showed up in an asymmetrical moto jacket and little black boots the last time I saw her–all chosen on her own.)

So I’m not going to the usual kids stores to shop for my favorite littles. Not only do I want to buy them unique things they’ll love, but I also really want to support indie sellers this season. So it was a relief when my friend Kim of Design Life Kids (DLK) opened her online boutique, which is chock full of hip, fun clothes, toys and accessories for kids (along with a bunch of covetable houseware items for their parents), all in one place!

Today, I’m joining up with Kim and our fellow bloggers (and true friends) Lindsey of Cafe Johnsonia, MJ of Pars Caeli, and Melissa of Lulu the Baker to give away one $150 gift card to DLK so that you can get a jump on your holiday shopping! To enter, leave a comment below naming your favorite item from the DLK boutique. For bonus entries, like DLK on Instagram–you won’t regret it; Kim has the loveliest photos of her beautiful girls! Lindsey, MJ, Melissa, and I will also be posting our favorite DLK items to Instagram today, so for more bonus entries you can re-gram one of our images.

The contest closes on Thursday at midnight EST and will be announced on Friday morning on our Instagram accounts! Best of luck!

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Ongoing Gifts

The Best Subscription Gifts for Mother's Day 2014 / Frock files

When I was a little girl, I always had a pen pal. (In fact, one of those pen pals is a real life best friend!) My mom, who understood and nurtured my love of mail, let me dip into her collection of thick cotton stationery from Crane to write notes to friends all over the world. To this day, I look forward to getting the mail in the afternoons on the off chance that a handwritten note is buried among the catalogs and bills. And I especially love getting care packages!

If you and your mom share the same love of great mail, here are a few ideas for gifts that will brighten her mailbox throughout the year.

Year-Long Mother’s Day Gifts:

(Vegan) Beauty in a Box. My mom and I love to exchange notes about the beauty products we’re using. She’s always one step ahead of me, especially with natural products. I love this cruelty-free gift box idea by VeganCuts. For $20/month, your mom can sample a range of vegan products ranging from makeup to mouth care.

Good Reads. There are two magazines that I absolutely love getting in the mail: Real Simple and The New Yorker. Maybe your mom loves to cook (Cooking Light or Bon Apetit), craft (Mollie Makes), or stay up-to-date with the literary community (The Paris Review). If she’s more of a bookworm, you might try the book subscription service Just the Right Book.

Bling! For the mom whose jewelry box is overflowing, RocksBox sends out a monthly box with three pieces of jewelry. She can buy the jewelry or wear it and exchange it down the road. ($19/month)

Small Batch Foodie Care Packages. For foodies, I really can’t think of anything better than the seasonal care packages from Eat Boutique. I’ve tried almost everything from Eat Boutique and I’ve enjoyed it all — and I’m totally obsessed with a bunch of the products. Can you say truffle mayo? Helloooo French hot chocolate! ($100/year)

Boutique Goods to Support Women. Umba Box always sends lovely, useful handmade products in their gift boxes, and I love their philosophy of helping women around the world to support themselves through their craft. It’s a beautiful way to bring together ethical giving and delightful things. ($30/month)

Which one would your mom like best?

Truly Last Minute Gift Guide

Throughout the year, I’ve run into situations in which I’m totally caught off guard by someone’s special day. Or, occasionally, I just want to send someone a gift on a whim. In both of these situations, I turn to gifts that don’t require any shipping and can be sent straight to my gift recipient’s inbox.

I’ve also been on the receiving end of these types of gifts and I just love them. Two of my uncles sent gifts by email last year, and I think because they caught me by surprise they were even more delightful. Here are a few cool ideas for truly last minute gifts that will arrive in your loved one’s inbox before you can say Mele Kalikimaka!

Five Instant Gifts


Truly Last Minute Gift Guide: Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Man: Really, any movie you love can be gifted, but this was one of my favorites of this year. It’s perfect for dads who love rock! Imagine making an album that you thought was forgotten, only to discover decades later that it made you an icon in a foreign country. That’s what happened to the subject of this documentary, which has totally re-framed the way I think about creating art. Here are some instructions on how to send music and movies as gifts through iTunes.

For: dads, husbands, boyfriends, music lovers, rock moms, and anyone who makes art.

Truly Last Minute Gifts: Umba Box

Umba Box: This monthly gift box subscription service will send a care package to your recipient for anywhere from three months to one year (or longer, if you select the month-to-month recurring membership). The items are all handmade by independent artists and totally covetable. Last year, I received an Umba Box as swag from Alt Summit and I still use the letterpress coasters every day!

For: BFFs, moms, aunts, sisters, girlfriends.

Truly Last Minute Gifts: Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee: I really love Stumptown Coffee, and I love sharing it with people who might not otherwise get to try it. Although they’re beginning to appear in local cafes all over the country, their coffee can still be a little hard to find. Ordering online makes it easy – and you can send a gift card via email in a snap.

For: barista wannabes, coworkers, caffeine lovers, foodies.

Truly Last Minute Gift Guide: Skydiving

Skydiving Session: Skydiving isn’t high on my life list (okay, it’s not on the list at all), but gift giving is about what the recipient wants most, right? This website sells skydiving sessions that can be used across the country. Although, once you gift a skydiving session you’ll have to spend the next 11 months thinking about how you’ll top yourself next year!

For: thrill seekers, friends who already have everything.


P.S. Check back tomorrow for a delicious last minute gift you can whip up in five minutes!

Gift Guide: Fashionable Toddlers

Gift Guide for Toddlers // Frock Files

Holiday shopping for kids is my absolute favorite! Toddlers clothes are just so fashionable these days. Really, if I could point a ray gun at these and make them in my size, I totally would. These are a few of my favorites — and they’re all affordable too. Are you shopping for any toddlers this holiday season?

P.S. I Want My Hat Back is just the cutest. If you haven’t read it yet, you’re missing out! Head over to your local bookstore. I promise it’ll brighten your day.

Fleece Dress: Old Navy | Striped Leggings: J.Crew Factory | Argyle Sweater: Target | Wool Hi-Tops: Baby Gap | Bear Hat + Mittens: Target

Gift Guide: Couples + Extended Family

Gifts for Couples and Extended Family

While I absolutely love gift shopping for individuals, I’m always stumped when it comes to couple-friends and my extended family. I’ve found it best to stick with things that fall into the categories of useful or delicious.

For those friends who would be mixologists in another life: a fun line of artisan bitters. For that aunt and uncle who like the finer things: a crystal candy dish from Tiffany & Co. (Surprise! It won’t break the bank.) And everyone needs reusable grocery bags that fold up into nothing. Each of these holds the equivalent of five plastic bags worth of groceries. Plus that, they’re pretty!

What kinds of things do you enjoy giving to couples?


Faux Fur Throw: West Elm | Mail Order Macarons: Pix Patisserie | Fee Brothers Cocktail Bitters: Sears | Plaid Bowl: Tiffany & Co. | Collapsible Market Bags: Envirosax

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