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Weekend Links + Options // Frock Files

What a whirlwind of a week! Isn’t that always the way it is before a big trip, though? Since I only see my friends and family back home once each year, I make a special effort to get a little more groomed before going home. My resolution to schedule self care is in effect – at my haircut on Wednesday, I took Sarah’s advice and scheduled my next haircut exactly eight weeks down the road.

Now we just have some last minute errands to run, a family birthday party to throw, and a bit of packing to do — and we’re off! To ring in a festive weekend, I’ve rounded up five fascinating links just for you.

Weekend Links

The moment you realize your mom went through exactly the same things you’re going through right now.

Adorable kids learning about charity in such a fun way! (Think: lemonade stand for the wintertime.)

European flash mobs are classier.

More options = more happiness?

Bourbon! Chocolate! Pecans!

P.S. See you back here on Monday for one last post before we jet! What are you up to this weekend?

Flash Mob Opera

I’m always impressed by companies that do fresh and exciting things to get attention on their brands. Take, for instance, the adorable video campaign that Oh Happy Day is doing in collaboration with Target. It’s a more intimate way of conveying a message to a niche audience. It says: we get you.

While we’ve all seen flash mobs (which never fail to impress me when done well), this is the first time I’ve seen a flash mob opera. The Italian food company Scala’ put a handful of opera singers in grocers’ and street clothes in the middle of a Waitrose market. The reactions of the shoppers are priceless!

There’s always a way to take a tired idea, turn it on its head, and make it fun for everyone. It’s all about perspective. How are you keeping things fresh?

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