12 Days of Handmade Christmas: DIY Emoji Onesies

Emoji Onesies: A simple DIY gift using iron transfer paper

Most people are into spring cleaning, but for some reason fall always puts me in the mood to attack my closets, cabinets, and pantry. Maybe it’s because I know we’ll be spending so much more time indoors, or maybe it’s because the thought of starting a new year makes me think of my grandma’s words: “The way you spend New Year’s Day is the way you’ll spend the rest of the year.” Yikes!

In cleaning out our closet, I found a bunch of things we had bought in Kona’s early days–well intentioned things that didn’t work out. Among them was a pile of onesies we had hoped would work in place of a cone following her spay. Since Lindsey’s youngest is six months old and the onesies are 6-9 months, I thought I’d send them her way–but plain white? Boring.

Although we live across the country from each other, Lindsey and I are constantly in contact. Ask either of our (poor, neglected) husbands and they’ll tell you that smoke practically comes out of our phones from all the furious texting we do. We can have long stretches of conversation just by emoji. So what could be more perfect than passing that pictoral dialogue on to the little ones? This is a great, inexpensive DIY gift for the littlest ones on the “nice” side of your list. Or the naughty side, depending on the emoji you use.

And you all know how I feel about iron on crafts. Oh. So. Easy.

Emoji Onesies: A simple DIY gift using iron transfer paper


Iron Transfer Paper


1. Search for the emoji that you want to use on your onesies and place them in a printable document (Word, Photoshop, InDesign). Print them out according to the transfer paper instructions.

Emoji Onesies: A simple DIY gift using iron transfer paper

2. Cut out the emoji leaving just a hint of a white border around the edge.

Emoji Onesies: A simple DIY gift using iron transfer paper

3. Pre-heat your iron on high (no steam) for five minutes. Lay your onesie down and smooth out any wrinkles. Place the printed design face down onto the onesie. If necessary, place a pillowcase between the paper and the iron (the transfer paper instructions will let you know if this is necessary). Apply pressure as you move the iron slowly over the transfer sheet/pillow case. Use the instructions that came with the heat transfer paper for guidance on timing.

Emoji Onesies: A simple DIY gift using iron transfer paper

4. Allow everything to cool completely, about 10 minutes. Carefully peel the paper backing off to reveal your design.

Iron Transfer Projects on Frock Files

P.S. Love iron transfers like I do? Check out my DIY Typographic Mouse Pad and DIY Confetti Pillowcases.


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