Sweet Surrender

Two years ago, there was only one little one in my life: my nephew, Akira. Now, I’m lucky to have lots of wee ones in my life, and with Easter coming up I’ve been thinking about what I can give them that isn’t horrendously full of sugar. I’m also somewhat opposed to giving them tacky things made of plastic that will drive their parents crazy (my dad, for instance, hateshateshates Easter grass). These four are easy on the eyes for both parents and kiddos. As for the Rose Vanilla marshmallows from Whimsy & Spice…well, I should apologize in advance for leading you head first into a new addiction. Sorry. They’re just that delicious.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4  (clockwise from top left)

Here are more adorable confections, complete with How To guides from two of my favorite blogs:

1. Pie Pops from Cupcakes & Cashmere / 2. Banilla Sandwich Cookies from Bakers Royale / 3. Pink Chocolate Filled Kisses from Bakers Royale

Generosity and giving are so important everyday! Thursdays are the day that we focus on giving gifts, whether they’re kind gestures, volunteering time, or giving presents. Giving gifts is a form of therapy — gifting therapy — in which you shift focus from  your needs to the needs of others. Let us know about your experiences with gifting!

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