Snack Time Just Got Hotter

Buffalo Style Chicken Jerky, Dried Mango and Nuts Trail Mix // Frock Files

Whenever I go out, I try to take anything unnecessary out of my big bag, but I’ve come to realize it’s all necessary — including snacks. I tend to go from totally fine to absolutely starving in a snap, so I always try to carry something to munch on. The problem I run into is that everything transportable that I can leave in my bag tends to be so sweet, and that makes me feel funny. So when Molly’s friend John came to me with samples of his Meat n Nuts mix, I said, “Yes! Yes! Send me samples!” And he did. And now they’re gone.

The “meat” component of the Meat n Nuts mixes come sealed in their own little pouch and are made of dehydrated grass fed beef and free range chicken. Although the name conjures images of meat n’ potatoes kinds of dudes, the mixes themselves have been thoughtfully created over two years. The team searched high and low to work with ethical farmers who create high-quality products. It’s been a labor of love, and that’s something I can get behind.

Grass Fed Beef and Free Range Chicken Jerky + Nuts Trail Mix // Frock Files

The mixes come in three delicious and unusual flavors: honey siracha beef jerky with dried cranberries, cracked black pepper beef jerky with nuts, and buffalo style chicken jerky with mango. I can’t decide which is my favorite, but I’m a sucker for mango.

Want to try Meat n Nuts? It’s not in stores yet, but leave a comment with the flavor you’d most like to try and you just might win a pack of your own. The team is also running a Kickstarter, so share the link to that page and you’ll get a double entry. The drawing will happen on Friday afternoon. Good luck!

Honey Sriracha Jerky with Cranberries and Nuts Trail Mix // Frock Files

Meat n’ Nuts sent me product for this post but all opinions are my own. This stuff really is super delicious.

Here’s a goofy video from the Meat n Nuts team:

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