Early Birds

As most of you know, my commute right now lasts about 30 seconds, but it wasn’t always so. I’ve worked my share of 8 to 5 jobs, many of them with long commutes on public transportation (Oh, that love/hate relationship with the T!). Even now, I sometimes have to leave the house to get to a morning meeting, and no matter how much time I give myself it never feels like enough. I’m always rushing out the door, inevitably forgetting something important.

To simplify these mad morning dashes, I’ve developed a few tricks. And by tricks, I mostly mean that I’ve found awesome products that aid in minimizing my scattered-ness in the morning.

1. Theory ‘Soream – Glowing’ A-Line Silk Shirtdress  2. MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation  3. Tiger .45 Liter Thermal Vacuum Tumbler  4. Brookstone Wireless Key Tracker

I’m all about the shirtdress — one piece, how much easier can it get? My friend Kim recommended the Studio Fix powder, which basically took my foundation application time from five minutes to about twenty seconds. The Tiger mug is amazing because its supernatural powers keep your coffee or tea warm for hours, so you can make it first thing without worrying about getting stuck with a lukewarm drink. Oh, and just when I think I’m ready to hit the road, I’m always, always digging for my keys…so this Brookstone remote is a lifesaver.

And what about breakfast? Well, you’re in luck — the folks over at TheKitchn just posted a roundup of make-ahead breakfast recipes. I’m in love with the idea of pre-making oatmeal and storing it in handy Mason jars that you can just toss in your bag on the way out the door. Genius!

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