Our Christmas Card 2013

Frock Files | Happy Holiday Greetings

We’re beginning our Christmas festivities today, but I just wanted to wish you all a very merry one. I’m so grateful for the surprises that this blog has brought me this year, including some amazing friendships. You’ve all given me the greatest gift I could ask for. Thank you, and Merry Everything!

Weekend Links + Extra Credit

Weekend Links + Extra Credit | Frock Files

Just a few days left until Christmas! Maybe it’s because Thanksgiving was so late this year, but James and I have noticed a disappointing lack of Christmas decorations this year.

To make up for it and to get into the holiday spirit, we’re going to bake some cookies and watch lots of Christmas movies this weekend! What are you up to this weekend? Here are five great things I found to help you kick off your weekend:

Weekend Links

This family deserves extra credit for their Christmas greeting!

A new friend recently told me about this story of social media gone wrong – and very right.

Since Sarah surprised me with a Corgi-shaped cookie cutter, these are definitely happening.

Donuts, donuts, everywhere!

Love eggnog? Can’t do dairy (or eggs)? Vegan “egg” nog.


The word “nog” reminds me of the word “snog,” which I hope you’re doing a lot this weekend! We bought a sprig of mistletoe last week so that we can do even more than usual. Kissy kissy, friends!

Truly Last Minute Gift Guide

Throughout the year, I’ve run into situations in which I’m totally caught off guard by someone’s special day. Or, occasionally, I just want to send someone a gift on a whim. In both of these situations, I turn to gifts that don’t require any shipping and can be sent straight to my gift recipient’s inbox.

I’ve also been on the receiving end of these types of gifts and I just love them. Two of my uncles sent gifts by email last year, and I think because they caught me by surprise they were even more delightful. Here are a few cool ideas for truly last minute gifts that will arrive in your loved one’s inbox before you can say Mele Kalikimaka!

Five Instant Gifts


Truly Last Minute Gift Guide: Searching for Sugar Man

Searching for Sugar Man: Really, any movie you love can be gifted, but this was one of my favorites of this year. It’s perfect for dads who love rock! Imagine making an album that you thought was forgotten, only to discover decades later that it made you an icon in a foreign country. That’s what happened to the subject of this documentary, which has totally re-framed the way I think about creating art. Here are some instructions on how to send music and movies as gifts through iTunes.

For: dads, husbands, boyfriends, music lovers, rock moms, and anyone who makes art.

Truly Last Minute Gifts: Umba Box

Umba Box: This monthly gift box subscription service will send a care package to your recipient for anywhere from three months to one year (or longer, if you select the month-to-month recurring membership). The items are all handmade by independent artists and totally covetable. Last year, I received an Umba Box as swag from Alt Summit and I still use the letterpress coasters every day!

For: BFFs, moms, aunts, sisters, girlfriends.

Truly Last Minute Gifts: Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown Coffee: I really love Stumptown Coffee, and I love sharing it with people who might not otherwise get to try it. Although they’re beginning to appear in local cafes all over the country, their coffee can still be a little hard to find. Ordering online makes it easy – and you can send a gift card via email in a snap.

For: barista wannabes, coworkers, caffeine lovers, foodies.

Truly Last Minute Gift Guide: Skydiving

Skydiving Session: Skydiving isn’t high on my life list (okay, it’s not on the list at all), but gift giving is about what the recipient wants most, right? This website sells skydiving sessions that can be used across the country. Although, once you gift a skydiving session you’ll have to spend the next 11 months thinking about how you’ll top yourself next year!

For: thrill seekers, friends who already have everything.


P.S. Check back tomorrow for a delicious last minute gift you can whip up in five minutes!

Weekend Links + Coming Together

Frock Files | Weekend Links + Coming Together

We dove right back in when we returned from our trip, and this week has been chock full of exciting new possibilities, projects galore, and yes, even surgery (she’s spayed!) for poor little Kona. She’s truly disgruntled about the horrific cone she has to wear for the next two days.

And all three of us are re-adjusting to life as we know it. Does anyone else have a hard time getting back into a routine after a long vacation? I was in a good rhythm before we left and I’m finding it difficult to get into the groove again.

I’ve been collecting links, and here are the five most awesome things I found to share with you:

Weekend Links

This video echoes my own thoughts. Especially the one about working hard.

What happens when a homeless man and a computer programmer come together.

Five minutes is about all the time I can take to make lunch. This soup is my new obsession!

The secret to making difficult tasks easy.

The prettiest walnut butter cookies you ever did see. Oh, and they’re GF and dairy free – bonus!


What are you up to this weekend? Last minute shopping? Tree decorating? Sleeping in? Whatever you’ve got on your plate, may it be merry, bright, and delicious.

Photo Credit BWG Magazine

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Pennies for Love: Mad Dash Date

Frock Files | Pennies for Love: Last Minute Chirstmas Shopping Date

Several years ago, I tagged along as James started his Christmas shopping on December 23rd. While I tend to collect things that remind me of a person over time, or I think of a nice thing they’d appreciate and roll with it, James goes for the home run every time. It totally stressed me out.

We were at Best Buy, waiting in a line that snaked deep into the aisles where shoppers were still browsing (“hunting” might be a better word at that point in the year), when we heard beautiful music rising up from somewhere in the corner of the store. None of that tinny elevator music — real, live voices, and even string instruments!

James and I and most of the rest of the crowd sang along until the song was finished. Everyone burst into applause. And somehow, right there beneath the halogen lights of a big box store, in a mile-long queue, it was Christmas.


In today’s Pennies for Love post, MJ is talking about how she and her husband have turned last minute shopping into a treasured holiday tradition. They make a date of it, and what’s more, they’re making memories the whole time.

We’ve still got a few gifts to buy ourselves, so I’ll be taking MJ’s example of turning our procrastination into a party! After all, who knows what surprises are waiting just around the corner.

Visit MJ’s beautiful post Wander and Wander Together.

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