A Care Package From Paris!


For a Francophile who loves snail mail, few things are better than a cute package from Paris. When My Little Paris approached me to contribute to their magazine, I tried to be Parisian-girl cool but instead let out a giddy, Oui! To welcome me to their team, the ladies sent over a My Little Box containing all kinds of beautiful (and beautifully packaged) gifts. Here’s to adding a little bit of Parisian flair to your day!

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Trouble with playing the video here? You can watch it over at Vimeo.

How to Assemble the Perfect Care Package II

Today is the official launch of my theme for March: friendship. In Japanese culture, March 3rd is thought of as Girls’ Day. I figured we could extend the celebration through the month in honor of great friendships between women. To kick it off, I put together a care package for my best friend, Lindsey, who lives in Portland, Oregon.

 Frock Files: Care Packages

A fun fact: the post I wrote last March about putting together a thoughtful care package is my most visited. For some reason, Google likes to send people there. My advice remains the same: think hard about what the recipient loves and include things that she might not buy for herself. Make it a little indulgent.

My sister is the queen of thoughtful care packages, and she always includes something fashionable, something delicious, and something fun. I kept that in mind as I created this package for Lindsey. In this case, there are several “something delicious” items, including handcrafted marshmallows from a local sweet shop called Sweet Lydia’s. They really are like heavenly, sweet clouds.

Frock Files: Care Packages

Don’t forget to add a note! That’s the best part.

Frock Files: Care Packages

Packages that are decorated are always more exciting than plain old boxes! I always keep some washi tape and stickers handy for just this task.

Do you have any loved ones who live far away? In the spirit of friendship month, why not send them a little package to let them know you care? It doesn’t have to include anything expensive, just things that make you think of them. If I could, I’d send each and every one of you a little care package too.



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