Fall Fashion Necessities

Fall Fashion Necessities | Frock Files

After a strangely cool August (heck, a strange August all around), it’s been really hot here for the past few days. Summer’s last hurrah, I think! And since autumn is my faaaaavorite time of year, so I’ve been fall fashion hunting from my cool, air conditioned nest.

Fall always brings me back to my favorite basics, like cashmere sweaters and a good pair of jeans. But even though a lot of the pieces I own are classics, they’re not made to last forever. So it’s time to replace some of these core pieces, which is harder and more fun than I imagined.

Aside from online shopping, I’ve been trying to get more reading in (more on that next week) and a bit of cooking, too. Since James is never home for dinner these days, I’ve been eating like a bachelor, but I’m vowing to put an end to that this week–at least most nights. We’re scheduling in a little relaxation this weekend, thanks to your sweet comments on the earlier post, which urged us to do so. What are you up to this weekend?

1. Ellen Tracey Mini Trench Coat | 2. J.Crew Factory Colorblock Wool Baseball Cap | 3. J.Crew Factory Cashmere Sweater | 4. J.Crew ZigZag Scarf | 5. Gap Side-Zip Pants | 6. French Sole Sloop Ballet Flats

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