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It’s aloha Friday, friends – no work ’til Monday! We have just a little over two (chilly) weeks left before we jet out for Thanksgiving and there’s so much to do before then. Two family birthdays to celebrate, lots of holiday posts to shoot, and let’s not forget about Christmas shopping! I love all of this stuff but we’re definitely going to be on the go.

So here’s to creating time this weekend to look up from your to do list and breathe in all the loveliness around you. And while you’re at it, here are five fascinating things for you to ponder:

The entrepreneurial part of me is dying to do this.

Did you know that Bill Gates was this funny? (My favorite part is at 3 minutes 50 seconds.)

In case you can’t get enough Earl Grey sweetness.

Ira Glass has all the right moves.

You don’t need to be certain to fly.

What are you up to this weekend?


Photo by Daria Zarowna

A Tiny House Hotel

Caravan Tiny House Hotel Portland

One of last Friday’s links was connected to Airbnb, a cool service that allows travelers to sublet apartments for short or long periods of time. Well, over the weekend I learned about a cool new hotel that books exclusively through Airbnb — and it’s in line with one other thing I’m wild about: tiny houses.

Caravan is the first tiny house hotel in the country, currently featuring three miniature houses built on 100-200 square foot flatbed trailers. The houses are situated around a central community area with a barbecue, a fire pit, and Adirondack chairs, and are easily within walking distance of the awesome shops and restaurants in the Alberta Arts District. They all have bathrooms and tiny kitchens.

Caravan Tiny House Hotel Portland: Rosebud

Caravan Tiny House Hotel Portland: Tandem

While most of us probably wouldn’t fare well with permanent tiny homes, a little tiny home vacation sounds like a lot of fun. A bit like urban glamping, don’t you think?

P.S. A couple who built a tiny home to live and work in — with special space just for their cat.

Weekend Links + Standing Out

Paris Apartment Airbnb

Can you believe that it’s going to be August next week? We’re spending this last weekend of July getting some DIY projects out of the way, visiting family, and catching up on some much needed rest. As a celebration to Friday, here are a few great finds:

Did you know that half of the people who take jobs last less than 18 months? A large reason for that statistic is a cultural mismatch. Good.Co is a new website focused on helping people discover their own personal brand of success by identifying strengths and matching cultural preferences with companies that inhabit the same ideals.

It’s a sign of maturity not to be sandalized.

Sick of Pandora? I’m smitten with Songza. No commercials, and hey, you don’t even need to set up another new account.

How to make your blog stand out from the rest.

This is the way to travel. (Hint: the photo above is from here.)

Successful entrepreneurs share their advice with startups (applies to blogs too).

What are you up to this weekend?


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