Gift Guide: For the Coolest Kids

Win $150 to the DLK Shop!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 If you're anything like me, you probably have some pretty cool kids in your life. Take my niece and nephew, for instance. These were kids who, from day one, had their own sense of style. Where I grew up in a time where everyone wore matching Sanrio-themed … {read more}

Autumn Refresh: Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

Boutique Hotel Inspired Bedroom Makeover | Frock Files

It's finally reveal day! For the past couple of months, Heather and I have been working on our homes for our Autumn Refresh series and today we're showing off how everything came together. To give you an idea of where we started, here's a very lackluster before: And here … {read more}

Life Update: Lucky Ones

Anniversary Photo by Carrie Ann Photography

Although I'm hesitant to say it, I think our streak of bad luck ended with the arrival of autumn. As the leaves really started to turn, everything began to improve. You'll probably think I've spent too much time in hippie dippy Portland when I tell you that I think it must have … {read more}

Autumn Refresh: Gold Night Stand Hack

Hacking the Too Small Nightstand | Frock Files

Before unveiling our full makeovers next week, Heather and I are each showing off some handy work that we put into our new rooms. In my inspiration board post, you might remember a gold table from Anthropologie. I toyed with buying that table but in the end I needed to spread … {read more}

Autumn Refresh: The Best Bedding

Autumn Refresh: Bedding Makeover | Frock Files

Our bed has been an embarrassing hodge podge of college-era comforters, hole-y quilts, and mismatched pillowcases for far too long. I've always justified it by telling myself that no one else spends time in our bedroom anyway, but this Autumn Refresh challenge has given me the … {read more}