Let’s Pretend It’s Springtime

Spring Forward: Biker Meets Blooms #floral #fashion

As I write this, yet more snow is falling outside my window, adding to the 100+ inches we’ve already gotten here in New England. The snow piles are beginning to resemble small mountains. We’re ready for spring more than ever before, excited to retire our down jackets and snow boots and mittens and hats and Yak Tracks.

The one thing keeping me sane: in less than two weeks we spring forward! That doesn’t mean spring is here just yet, but it does put hope in my nearly frozen heart. I’ve actually enjoyed wearing a lot of black and–my favorite–grey this winter, but as the flower stalls begin to fill with tulips and ranunculus, my eye is turning toward color and florals (my other favorite).

And while I usually tend to go for classic pieces, lately I’ve been feeling a little more adventurous. My timeless trench will still see plenty of wear this year, but I think I’m finally ready to take the dive for a moto of my own. This one from Forever 21 is low-risk anyway, with a price point under $30.

What’s warming up your wardrobe as you look to spring?

Jacket: Forever 21 // Earrings: J. Crew // Top: Modcloth // Pants: Old Navy // Boots: Nordstrom

A Cold Weather Education

Stay Toasty | Winter clothes warm enough for a Hawaii girl in New England

1. Land’s End Shimmer Down Parka2. Target Women’s Knit Warrior Hat | 3. Columbia Women’s Fast Trek Pants | 4. Swany Legend II Mitt| 5. Saloman Hime High Boot

When I first moved to New England, I was cold all the time. I had a wool coat from the Gap and I thought that was about as good as it got. My cold weather experience was limited to the couple of years I’d spent in England, where fashion, darling, was much more important than function. And anyway, it didn’t get as cold as it does here.

Over the years, I’ve slowly become educated in the fine art of staying warm in the wintertime. And since we’re now dog owners, we actually have to spend long periods of time walking around in the cold, which is like a Dressing for Cold Weather: Honors Edition. With -40 windchill last week, I somehow managed to stay toasty with the right combination of fleece, down, leather, and wool. Being warm is worth the investment–especially when winter lasts as long as it does in New England!

What are your winter must-haves? I’m always looking for advice from seasoned winter professionals.

The Best Winter Leggings. Ever.

Top Secret Best Winter Leggings

Some of you are going to think I’ve gone insane when you read this post. Some of you will think I’ve just given up. And some of you will think I’m brilliant, go out and purchase them, and then be really, really happy getting dressed for the rest of winter.

My go-to legwear for winter are leggings, since they fit into my boots and I can wear them with dresses. A couple of years ago, Lindsey introduced me to fleece-lined tights, which I would sometimes wear under my leggings for protection. Then, my very fashionable and pregnant co-worker, Amy, told me that she had just ordered some maternity leggings that she would continue to wear even after giving birth because they were so comfortable. Amy is enviably thin–one of those pregnant women who looks exactly the same as usual except when she turns sideways–so I took this declaration to heart.

Then I found the perfect marriage of all those things: fleece-lined maternity leggings.

They came up in my Google search for fleece lined leggings and Amy’s voice rang in my head. I ordered two pairs and when they arrived I was delighted to discover that they don’t look like maternity clothing–no obvious seams or extra fabric. They’re pretty heavyweight for leggings, and jet-black. And unlike my other leggings, they don’t bag in weird places. Just a sleek, totally comfortable, and surprisingly warm legging. Pretty much everything I’ve been looking for all these years.

Anyway, I know it’s a little weird but I couldn’t resist letting you guys in on the secret of the best leggings ever. They’re buy one, get one 50% off right now at Motherhood Maternity. Don’t worry, I won’t tell if you get a pair. But you might find that you love them so much you’ll have to tell all your friends too.

This isn’t a sponsored post. I just really love these leggings!

Fall Fashion Necessities

Fall Fashion Necessities | Frock Files

After a strangely cool August (heck, a strange August all around), it’s been really hot here for the past few days. Summer’s last hurrah, I think! And since autumn is my faaaaavorite time of year, so I’ve been fall fashion hunting from my cool, air conditioned nest.

Fall always brings me back to my favorite basics, like cashmere sweaters and a good pair of jeans. But even though a lot of the pieces I own are classics, they’re not made to last forever. So it’s time to replace some of these core pieces, which is harder and more fun than I imagined.

Aside from online shopping, I’ve been trying to get more reading in (more on that next week) and a bit of cooking, too. Since James is never home for dinner these days, I’ve been eating like a bachelor, but I’m vowing to put an end to that this week–at least most nights. We’re scheduling in a little relaxation this weekend, thanks to your sweet comments on the earlier post, which urged us to do so. What are you up to this weekend?

1. Ellen Tracey Mini Trench Coat | 2. J.Crew Factory Colorblock Wool Baseball Cap | 3. J.Crew Factory Cashmere Sweater | 4. J.Crew ZigZag Scarf | 5. Gap Side-Zip Pants | 6. French Sole Sloop Ballet Flats

Romper Roundup

Summer Style Solution: Rompers | Frock Files

Rompers have never been my thing, simply because I don’t like the bathroom logistics of wearing them. But over the past month I’ve been searching for shorts and I just can’t find any that are dressy and comfortable. All of a sudden, rompers seemed like the solution, rather than a problem. Dressy enough to wear to, say, a 4th of July party. Comfortable enough to hang out in all day. You know how I love problem-solving pretty things.

After a lot of searching, here are my top contenders, covering a range of price points. Do you wear rompers? Are they your fave?

Splendid Short Women’s Romper | Forever 21 Sweet Tie Front Romper | Lulu’s Roxy Tainted Love Romper | LOFT Linen Romper

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