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A Care Package for Mom

Frock Files | Mother's Day Care Package

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I got to work picking out a few things for my mom. She’s such fun to shop for because we’re essentially the same person! I’m actually turning into my mom and that’s a good thing.

It all started out with this bamboo cookbook stand, which I fell in love with because I’m always bringing my iPad into the kitchen — and I knew my mom would love it too. And so would James’ mom. (Yes, I bought three.) But then it looked so lonely that I just had to buy a cook book. The Momofuku cookbook is filled with so many scrumptious things, many of them gluten-free, which is just up my mom’s alley.

Frock Files | Mother's Day Care Package

It’s from my mom that I inherited my love of pretty things and paper. These Kate Spade note cards are beyond perfection. Don’t you just want to frame them – or wear them? I love the attention to detail, with the black and white stripe inside the envelope. Every detail is just right.

Frock Files | Mother's Day Care Package

Growing up, my mom always loved grapefruit soap and she once told me she wished The Body Shop would create a grapefruit perfume. Every weekend, I submitted a request in their comment box at our local store. So when I saw that Jo Malone carries a grapefruit scent I nabbed a sample. Who knows if she still wants it? The tiny vial will do until we find out.

I hope she likes it! What are you getting your mom for mother’s day? Is she near or far? For all you moms out there, any Mother’s Day wishes?

P.S. I’ve asked my mom not to look at my blog until after Mother’s Day. It’s a good thing she and my dad are in Napa celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary! Mom (and Dad), when you do read this, happy anniversary!

A Care Package From Paris!


For a Francophile who loves snail mail, few things are better than a cute package from Paris. When My Little Paris approached me to contribute to their magazine, I tried to be Parisian-girl cool but instead let out a giddy, Oui! To welcome me to their team, the ladies sent over a My Little Box containing all kinds of beautiful (and beautifully packaged) gifts. Here’s to adding a little bit of Parisian flair to your day!

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Trouble with playing the video here? You can watch it over at Vimeo.

How to Assemble a Care Package for Baby

Frock Files | Care Package for Baby

One of my oldest friends just gave birth to a little boy, so I put together a care package for him. Is there anything better than shopping for baby things? I’m completely unprepared to be a mother, but I would love to be a baby stylist. Luckily, there are more and more wee ones in my life to send goodies to.

Whenever I’m shopping for kids, I worry first about texture. The Jellycat stuffed animals are the softest, and they’re so, so cute — and kid approved! I gave one to one of my favorite kids and now her little sister drags it around behind her, Linus style. I also consider items that parents will be entertained by, too, like this book. If you haven’t read it, you have to get your hands on it soon. It’s so funny and well done! And those teensy tiny shoes? I mean, come on.

Frock Files | Care Package for Baby

What kinds of things do you love to send for newborns?

Book: Barnes + Noble
Zebra: Anthropologie (Not available online at Anthro but you can get it at
Onesie: Gap Baby
Pants: Target
Shoes: Target

How to Assemble the Perfect Care Package II

Today is the official launch of my theme for March: friendship. In Japanese culture, March 3rd is thought of as Girls’ Day. I figured we could extend the celebration through the month in honor of great friendships between women. To kick it off, I put together a care package for my best friend, Lindsey, who lives in Portland, Oregon.

 Frock Files: Care Packages

A fun fact: the post I wrote last March about putting together a thoughtful care package is my most visited. For some reason, Google likes to send people there. My advice remains the same: think hard about what the recipient loves and include things that she might not buy for herself. Make it a little indulgent.

My sister is the queen of thoughtful care packages, and she always includes something fashionable, something delicious, and something fun. I kept that in mind as I created this package for Lindsey. In this case, there are several “something delicious” items, including handcrafted marshmallows from a local sweet shop called Sweet Lydia’s. They really are like heavenly, sweet clouds.

Frock Files: Care Packages

Don’t forget to add a note! That’s the best part.

Frock Files: Care Packages

Packages that are decorated are always more exciting than plain old boxes! I always keep some washi tape and stickers handy for just this task.

Do you have any loved ones who live far away? In the spirit of friendship month, why not send them a little package to let them know you care? It doesn’t have to include anything expensive, just things that make you think of them. If I could, I’d send each and every one of you a little care package too.



How to Assemble The Perfect Care Package

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend Mary. We used to live a block from each other in Boston, but now she lives in Indiana where she’ll soon be starting vet school (and I live in Portland). I think of Mary most as Easter gets closer because she’s kind of famous in the world of rabbits — go to a vegetarian festival with her and you’ll feel like you’re with Princess Kate herself. “Ohhhh,” the animal lovers say as they approach, “You’re The Rabbit Advocate!”

Since I’m missing Mary so much, it’s perfect timing that this week’s theme is about giving. As I prepare to send her a care package, I’ve realized that really great packages are really about getting specific on your relationship with that person.

Mary is ridiculously busy and I don’t think she follows my blog, but I should include this just in case: Mary, please don’t read any further down this post. Look away! Your surprise will be ruined!

Here are the things to think about when selecting items for a care package. Being thoughtful is generally the best way to fool proof gifts, don’t you think? Consider…

1) Who they are and what they like
2) Any inside jokes or special things you both love
3) Something indulgent that the receiver wouldn’t make/buy for herself

Mary’s care package will look a little something like this…

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

The bunny shirt is obvious, but the rest may need some explaining. Mary and I both loved a sushi restaurant that’s located in our old neighborhood, and the other day she sent me a message that said, “I wish we could go to Fugakyu together!” Until that happens, these funny sushi shaped soaps will have to do. The cookies cover the indulgent aspect — I discovered them over at Jamieann’s blog The Sweetest Kitchen, and oh. my. god. They’re amazing (and so easy!). Lastly, since Mary’s bunny Graysie is treasured and treated as a daughter, no care package to Mary would be complete without bunny treats!

Also, I really like to wrap the whole box up rather than wrapping each individual item, and I find that Paper Source’s wrap is a great heavy duty alternative to brown paper. Here are my three current favorites:

Have you sent a care package lately? Let us know what’s in it, and you’ll be entered into the drawing for this week’s giveaway.

Update: See the March 2013 version of this post, “How to Assemble The Perfect Care Package II

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