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We tried to wait. We really did. But then, a couple of months after writing that last post we went to an open house on a whim and walked into The One!

I should point out here that finding a house that works for us in New England was not easy. James is a paraplegic, so he uses a wheelchair and we needed a single-level home. And because of the winters, we needed a two-car garage. On the West Coast and in Hawaii, houses like these are a dime a dozen. But here, ranch houses typically come with one car garages if there’s a garage at all. We needed two bathrooms and at least three bedrooms (since my family doesn’t live here and we want them to visit). And, lastly, we wanted a fenced-in yard for our dear Kona. This house–the open house we went to–ticked all those boxes and a whole bunch of “wants” as well, like:

  • A fireplace (two, in fact!)
  • A stone patio
  • An office for James and an office for me
  • Character
  • Wood floors
  • Not just a two car garage, but a three car garage
  • Cute, quiet neighborhood
  • Within walking distance of a charming downtown area
  • With a gorgeous back roads commute through the country to work

Let me back up a bit and explain a few things. In my last post, I lamented that we weren’t ready and hadn’t saved for a down payment, etc., etc., but it turned out that we had built up enough equity in our condo to make that down payment happen. On top of that, the house we came upon was significantly less expensive than what we had originally expected to pay. So, put simply, the financing worked out.

Even we can’t quite believe our luck.

The town we chose, Maynard, is nestled among more expensive and desirable towns like Lincoln, Concord and Sudbury, but Maynard has historically been thought of as a blue collar mill town. In fact, we hear that some people in the neighboring towns still don’t want their children to mingle with the children of Maynard, if you can believe that.

But we’re totally in love with this quirky little town, with its restored vintage cinema, pottery/video rental/used bookstore, authentic Mexican restaurant, and art spaces. We can’t wait for summer to come so that we can walk downtown to the farmer’s market before stopping for coffee at the little corner cafe. There are lots of rainbow flags here. Maynard is delightful!

So that’s the update for now. I’ve been busy filling all the empty spaces–we went from 1,000 square feet to over 2,400. And I’ve been painting up a storm. We’re breathing life and love and our personalities into each room, and as we do I’ll be documenting our progress here.

I promise it won’t be another nine months before my next post!

Love, Joy

P.S. That last house I wrote about? Ironically, I drive past it every day on my way to work. And when the snow was here, I drove by the new owners’ cars caked in snow. Life’s funny.

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