A Cold Weather Education

Stay Toasty | Winter clothes warm enough for a Hawaii girl in New England

1. Land’s End Shimmer Down Parka2. Target Women’s Knit Warrior Hat | 3. Columbia Women’s Fast Trek Pants | 4. Swany Legend II Mitt| 5. Saloman Hime High Boot

When I first moved to New England, I was cold all the time. I had a wool coat from the Gap and I thought that was about as good as it got. My cold weather experience was limited to the couple of years I’d spent in England, where fashion, darling, was much more important than function. And anyway, it didn’t get as cold as it does here.

Over the years, I’ve slowly become educated in the fine art of staying warm in the wintertime. And since we’re now dog owners, we actually have to spend long periods of time walking around in the cold, which is like a Dressing for Cold Weather: Honors Edition. With -40 windchill last week, I somehow managed to stay toasty with the right combination of fleece, down, leather, and wool. Being warm is worth the investment–especially when winter lasts as long as it does in New England!

What are your winter must-haves? I’m always looking for advice from seasoned winter professionals.

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  1. Love that parka! I bought my girls winter coats from Land’s End this year and am really impressed with the warmth, quality, and price. Hope you are enjoying the winter… stay warm! 🙂

    • They really are so good! I’m very impressed with Land’s End, and I’m definitely a convert. So glad your girls are keeping warm this winter!

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