Feather Lei DIY

Hawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock Files

With graduations and celebrations galore this summer, I thought that it might be time to share another lei DIY! It’s tradition for graduates to receive dozens of leis after graduation ceremonies, often piled so high that you can’t tell one graduate from another.

I absolutely love fresh flower leis, but I’m always a little heartbroken when they die. That’s why I love this everlasting one, which is a clever take on the feather leis worn by the royals when Hawaii was a monarchy.

Hawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock Files


1 spool eyelash yarn
1 McDonald’s straw (they’re fatter than normal straws – paper straws also work)
1 bamboo skewer
Washi tape
42″ grossgrain ribbon (1/4″)
2 wooden beads


Hawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock Files

1. Attach the ribbon to the bamboo skewer and thread it through one of the wooden beads. Leave 3″ of room from the end of the ribbon to the bead, and knot the ribbon so the bead stays in place. This will be the end of your lei.

Hawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock Files

Hawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock FilesHawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock Files

2. Cut a slit at one end of the straw. Attach the other end of the ribbon to the bamboo skewer using washi tape, then thread the ribbon through the straw. Wedge the ribbon into the slit you created in the straw, then secure it with tape.

Hawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock FilesHawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock FilesHawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock Files

3. Take the end of the eyelash yarn and tie a knot around the straw. Begin winding the yarn around the straw, pushing down when you get to the top so that it bunches up at the bottom. Once it begins taking up too much space on your straw, push it down onto the ribbon. Continue winding and bunching until you reach the end of the spool of yarn.

Hawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock Files

4. Tie a knot around the straw with the final end of yarn. Push it onto the ribbon and remove the straw. Attach the other wooden bead as you did the first one, leaving only 3″ at the end so that both sides are even. Gently spread the yarn out so that it evenly covers the length of the ribbon.

Hawaiian "Feather" Lei // Frock Files

5. Knot the two ends together and present it to your loved one with a hug and a kiss!

P.S. More DIY projects right this way!

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  1. So pretty and festive! That eyelash yarn has great texture!

    • Thanks, Steph! I agree about the eyelash yarn. It can be kind of hard to find, but it’s worth shopping around for!

  2. Awesome tutorial! I had no idea this was how eyelash yarn leis were made!

    • Thanks, Julie! Aren’t they easy? I used to think they were way more complicated than this too. Now that I know, I want to make them for everyone!

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