Three Days in New York

Back in March, when it was still snowing and I was desperate for spring, I started planning a little trip to celebrate James’ birthday. Last year, we went to Portsmouth, NH for a couple of nights, and while that was relaxing and fun, I thought I’d go for something a little more exciting this year. We’ve both been dying to see The Book of Mormon for years now, so I booked seats to the musical, bought train tickets, and reserved two nights at the Refinery Hotel.

Quick Visit to New York City | Frock Files

We hopped on the train and got into the city in the late afternoon, with enough time to get ready for the show. It was sprinkling outside but I curled my hair anyway, and even though I’m generally anti-selfie I took a picture to document the fact that I did a decent job for once. By the time we got to the theatre, we were damp and frizzy haired but so excited. And for good reason–the show was hilarious, sweet, and full of the most talented people! And, yes, also full of all the profanity and thinly veiled lewdness you’d expect from the creators of South Park. We loved it.

Quick Visit to New York City | Frock Files

Most of the rest of our trip revolved around roaming and eating, so  you won’t see a lot of pictures of landmarks or museums here. Since we only had one full day, we decided to spend it exploring Greenwich Village.

James found a walking tour published by the New York Times, which we followed loosely, stopping in to say hello to the puppies at a boutique pet shop and to have the best cupcakes ever at Molly’s Cupcakes. Crème brûlée cupcakes, so moist and perfectly spongy and slightly crisp on top with a custard center. I would be in trouble if this place were within a 50 mile radius of our home. Also, the bar seats there are swings and now I want to put swings everywhere!

Quick Visit to New York City | Frock Files Quick Visit to New York City | Frock Files

We found a great little cafe called The Grey Dog, which has a big menu, a few craft beers, and lots of options for those of us who can’t drink a drop during the daylight hours unless a nap is in order immediately afterward. A friendly server showed us a colorful handkerchief, which she put on a table to save our spot. We played the “If we lived in Greenwich Village” game the entire time we were in the area, and The Grey Dog made it into our “If we lived in Greenwich Village, we would have brunch here all the time” spot.

Quick Visit to New York City | Frock Files

Later that afternoon the rain started again, but we were pooped from walking all over the place anyway. The Refinery has a great restaurant called Parker Quinn, so after relaxing for awhile, we had a big dinner and got cozy in the hotel bathrobes for the night. I should point out here that The Refinery is a little oasis in the Garment District. As soon as you come in off the street, it’s quiet and welcoming, with a really friendly hotel staff, super comfortable beds, and an overall aesthetic that feels, to me, like a mix of Brooklyn-hipster and Paris-chic. Black, white, gold, and wood.

Quick Visit to New York City | Frock Files

The next morning, we had breakfast at a restaurant called The Shop, which is in the Andaz 5th Avenue hotel, directly across from the New York Public Library.

Quick Visit to New York City | Frock Files

I’m working on a little summer travel project for work featuring the school’s mascot, so after breakfast James shot this photo of me holding the stuffed mascot up to one of the NYPL lions. (The mascot’s next stop is Greece – so lucky!)

Quick Visit to New York City | Frock Files

And then we were whisked out of the city on the train! Taking the Amtrak into the city is one of my favorite parts about the trip. It’s definitely more expensive than the bus, but it’s so peaceful and pleasant. And after a couple of days in the busy, busy streets of Manhattan, it’s a welcome reprieve.

I hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend, too! Now that we’re refreshed and relaxed, we’re excited about getting back to all of our summer plans. Do you have any travel on the horizon?


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  1. I love that you played (and that you mentioned you played) the “if we lived here” game. I didn’t think anyone else did that! Isn’t it fun to daydream 🙂 Glad you had a great trip!

  2. I love the adventure you two had! And you look so cute in your little dress.

  3. What a fun trip! Your hair definitely looks selfie-worthy. 🙂 We have a trip planned to the Oregon coast at the end of the summer, but nothing else planned right now. The weather is so nice here in the summers so we don’t want to leave!

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