Mini Cooks Do Snacktime: Round Granola Bars

Sometimes you outgrow your childhood traits, and sometimes they stick with you throughout your life. I, for one, have never outgrown my tendency to get really grumpy if I’m hungry. As my friend Brad pointed out, “Without food and without sleep, you are a different person completely.” He then told me that he hopes never to see me in that condition again. Ha! (In my defense, this was during a long L.A. layover after a red-eye. But still.)

To avoid getting hangry, I always try to carry a stash of snacks around with me — and this always comes in handy when I’m around kids! As our Mini Cooks series continues today, Sheri is showing us how to make a delicious snack that’s easy to pop into your bag when you’re on the go: round granola bars. Her cutie pie son Noah got in on the fun, too. So head on over to Donuts, Dresses and Dirt for some granola goodness!

P.S. A whole board full of recipes you can make with kids!

Mini Chefs: A new miniseries about cooking with kids

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