Mini Cooks Do Breakfast: Egg in a Basket

One of the very first things I ever learned to cook was an over easy egg. I wasn’t very good at it, but my dad kept trying to teach me — for years! I finally got the hang of it, moved to London, and learned how to make this Egg in a Basket dish, which had me hooked. It’s a simple little breakfast that will fuel your family through the morning, and it’s fun to make too!

Kids of all ages can get in on using cookie cutters to cut the hole in the bread, cracking the egg, pouring it into the “basket”, and sprinkling with salt and pepper. Older kids can handle everything from start to finish, including the exciting part: flipping the toast!

Mini Cooks Breakfast: Egg in a Basket // Frock Files


1 slice of bread
1 egg
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
Cooking spray
Salt and pepper to taste


Mini Cooks Breakfast: Egg in a Basket // Frock Files

1. Heat a frying pan on medium to medium-high. While it’s heating, have your little one press a hole into the center of the bread using a cookie cutter. (Don’t discard the extra bread!)

Mini Cooks Breakfast: Egg in a Basket // Frock Files

2. Have your Mini Cook spread the mayonnaise generously on both sides of the bread. Using mayonnaise is a trick I use when grilling bread because it crisps nicely and tastes just like butter – and it’s easier to spread! Coat the frying pan with cooking spray and place the bread in the pan.

Mini Cooks Breakfast: Egg in a Basket // Frock Files

3. For kids who aren’t used to cracking eggs, have them crack the egg into a bowl first. That way any shells or broken yolks won’t be a problem – you can just start over. Once the egg is in the pan, it’s much more difficult! Pour the egg into the hole and sprinkle the toast with salt and pepper. Allow the egg to cook for 60 to 90 seconds.

Mini Cooks Breakfast: Egg in a Basket // Frock Files

4. Once the bottom is cooked and the whites look creamy, use your spatula to flip the toast over. This is a job for big kids or grown ups — little kids can take on the job of sprinkling salt and pepper again. Cook for another 30 to 60 seconds. Slide the toast onto a plate — breakfast is served!

I like to save the cut out part, which I’ll cover in raspberry jam as “dessert”! All meals should have one, don’t you think?

P.S. In case you missed it, here are MJ’s five best tips for cooking with kids!

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  1. ahh!! i’m blogging about eggs in a basket today too!! is it not THE BEST BREAKFAST EVER?? i love your use of mayo though, i have never thought to do that. also eating the hole with jam as dessert is genius.

  2. Thanks for supplying a great recipe for dinner tonight! We have so many great shapes of cookie cutters, too, that I think the kids will be excited to get involved all the way through. And who doesn’t love the extra bit of jellied toast waiting for you. Love doing this series with you! xoxo, MJ

  3. I love eggs on toast, and the heart shaped cutout is so cute! I will have to try that mayo trick out… great tip!

  4. Aw, the kids will love making this! Thanks, Joy!

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