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It’s been about two months since I started my new job, and I love it more every day! As many of you know — and can empathize with — I spent years trying to find the right fit career-wise. I’ve worked as a new media textbook editor, a book designer, an executive assistant, and I even had a stint as an editor of investigator reports at a detective agency, but none of them seemed to be going anywhere, nor did they fill me with any sense of purpose. I feel so lucky to have found this position doing something I really enjoy, working on a team of people I truly like and respect.

For the month of March, I’ll be featuring one post each week about different aspects of work life, including fashion, supplies, and yes, cubicle decor. I’ve been working on putting these posts together for awhile now, and I’m so excited that I’ll finally get to share them with you!

To kick things off, I wanted to start with what’s inside my desk drawers — office must-haves.

What’s In My Desk Drawer

A pair of pumps | I actually have a few pairs of shoes in my file cabinet, since it’s winter and I clonk around in snow boots until I hit the office. It’s great to have them there as backup during the warm months, too. I’ve broken a heel at work before and had to spend the rest of the day alternating between hobbling around and being barefooted.

Tea + snacks | Work makes me hungry. I generally bring a lunch and try to pack snacks as well, but sometimes I’m in such a hurry in the mornings that I forget. Having a stash of trail mix in my drawer to enjoy alongside a cup of tea takes care of these hunger pangs.

Lip gloss | Because when I do remember to put it on, I feel more put together. I’ve yet to find one better than Bobbi Brown’s.

Cute notepads | My sister got me this adorable Rifle Paper Co. notepad, which I reserve for special notes and big projects.

Mints / Hard candies | It’s always nice to have something to offer people when they come into your workspace. I keep some hard candies handy, which also proved handy when I was under the weather. My grandma used to keep these in her purse and that may be why they seem so ladylike to me.

Hand Lotion | My hands seem to be perpetually dry, so I keep hand lotion with me at all times. My favorite: Aveda’s Hand Relief. It’s thick and creamy, doesn’t leave a residue, and it smells divine.


Do you have a job that you love? I’d love to hear about it. For a period of time before Frock Files, I kept a blog called People Who Love Their Jobs. It was hard to find people to interview! I’m always interested in knowing how people find career paths they can thrive in.

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  1. Hah! I’m doing what’s in your pockets today! We’re revealing all. Love your zebra notes! xoxo, MJ

  2. “editor of investigator reports at a detective agency”
    Say what? Like Stephanie Plum style??

    So glad you’re finding the right fit. Happiness!


  3. I do love my job and what I love most about it is that it’s freelance because I’m just the pits at working for other people in an office environment. I had to do exactly that not too long about for more than a year and I disliked it so much I kept my desk bare as a sort of private protest. Like, okay, I need to be here but I am not going to make it my home. Now I AM working at home and my desk is A HOT MESS, just the way I like it.

  4. Glad you’re enjoying your job, Joy! It’s wonderful when you find a great group of people to work with. šŸ™‚ Love the idea for this series of posts–can’t wait to see next week’s!

  5. Love those pretty cobalt heels, and those pecans sound so yummy! Glad to hear that the new job is working out well. Although stressful at times, I really enjoy my job and can’t really imagine doing anything else. šŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing future posts in this series!

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