DIY Berry Carton Wreath

I’ve been looking on with envy as friends on the West Coast have posted pictures of their flowers in bloom. Since I just can’t wait for the trees to begin budding here, I thought I’d conjure some springtime inspiration of my own.

This little piece of door/wall decor has already brightened up our home! Even though it’s still freezing here, the pop of color on my walls is a good reminder that spring will be here in just a matter of weeks.

Berry Box Wreath // Frock Files


1 berry carton
1 branch silk flowers (ranunculus)
18″ string or yarn (Chinese knotting cord)
Hot glue gun


Berry Box Wreath // Frock Files

1. Cut the flowers off of their stems, leaving about a half-inch of stem.

Berry Box Wreath // Frock Files

Berry Box Wreath // Frock Files

2. Poke a flower through one in the berry carton, starting with the middle. From the backside of the berry carton, create a foundation of hot glue around the base of the flower to hold the stem in place. Allow the flower to dry before moving on to the next one. Arrange as many flowers and leaves as you please!

Berry Box Wreath // Frock Files

3. Knot your string on one corner of the berry carton, leaving plenty of string to create another knot on the opposite corner. Hang up your little wreath and wait for spring!

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  1. that is really simple and lovely! love the contrast of the berry box green against the silk ranunculus – love those little flowers too! xo

  2. Cute! Those little flowers are so pretty. Great pop of color!

  3. Great idea! Berry baskets *are* too pretty to throw away.

  4. I love this! So simple yet so fancy. Perfect for spring entertaining and decor.

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