Mini Cooks: Getting Kids Excited About Cooking!

Mini Chefs: A new miniseries about cooking with kids

When I was a kid, I was fixated on grown up things that were scaled down for kids. My parents will regale you with stories about how I wanted to spend my entire visit to Disneyland at the miniature driving course called Autopia. (The early list maker in me created dozens of “Favorite Things” diary entries with Autopia topping the lists every time.) I loved the play checking account that my parents set up for me, complete with real checks that I could write them to make withdrawals from my allowance. And I was obsessed with this kids’ cookbook that was full of easy recipes, which I could always get our babysitter to try out with me.

Cooking is such a fun way to get kids actively involved in something that everyone can benefit from. The lessons are boundless: math, science, English, even cultural studies! Not to mention the pride kids feel when they create something that their parents, peers, grandparents, and other loved ones can enjoy. And on top of that, it’s great preparation for that far off day when they’re living on their own.

I’ll be joining my friends MJ and Sheri in a six-week mini series on cooking with kids, entitled Mini Cooks. MJ is kicking off the series with tips on getting kids prepared to work in the kitchen. We’ll then be presenting you with a handful of simple recipes that kids can easily get in on. While I don’t have any littles of my own, I’m excited to try these all out with my niece and nephew the next time we’re in Hawaii.

Head over to Pars Caeli for the first part of Mini Cooks, where MJ is giving away 5 tips for your little chefs!

Mini Chefs: A new miniseries about cooking with kids


Image Source: Playdate Yakima

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  1. What a great idea for a series! I should probably have my 10-year-old daughter read it with me to hold me accountable to actually putting it into practice! Love it!

  2. Love love love this idea!!!

  3. A “mini-checking account”? Were your parents awesome, or what?!

  4. I’m so excited for this series! I can’t wait to see what you guys share. And we played with pretend checks all the time when I was little–we thought writing checks was the coolest thing ever!

  5. This sounds like such a fun series! My girls love Autopia too. :)

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