Do You Have a Beauty Schedule?

Kelly Cummings: Every Day is a Special Occasion

A couple of weeks ago, I told a friend that I’d canceled a haircut because a last minute meeting took priority. She said, “When you’re too busy to take care of your hair, that’s when you know things are getting serious!” We laughed about it, but later I got to thinking: how much am I letting self care slide for my business – and how does that, in turn, affect my work?

You might remember that I wrote a post about making time for yourself last month, and while I’ve been good about taking the time to work out, make dinner, and shower, it’s those slightly higher maintenance, more sporadic things that I have trouble getting around to. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the photo of me at BeStyled, the blow dry bar, last week. That appointment only happened because I looked in the mirror and realized that my shaggy ‘do needed some kind of help and my stylist didn’t have any appointments for another week!

This all boils down to a secret of adulthood that I’m finally beginning to grasp: it’s important to schedule things in advance. Recently, I’ve applied this secret to a few different things — we’ve loosely declared Sunday dumpling night and Monday pizza night. I wash towels on Tuesdays, we take the trash out on Wednesdays, and on Thursdays Kona goes to daycare and I run all my errands . While this may all sound dull, the scheduling leaves us less frazzled and with more time to play.

So now it’s time for me to apply the same kind of thinking to self care. I’m tired of feeling embarrassed about the state of my cuticles, and putting my hair up because it’s at an awkward length (not because I’m growing it out, just because I’ve been too over-scheduled to get to the salon). And when I’m in Hawaii, I don’t want to have to wear jeans because I forgot to shave my legs.  I mean, come on, otherwise they won’t see daylight until May!

It’s a little early for New Year’s resolutions, but my at-this-moment resolution is to plan ahead for these things and to see them as an investment in my own confidence, not a frivolous extra. As Tom Ford explained, “Looking your best is a show of respect to those around you.”

So now I’m really curious — do you have a routine for taking care of yourself? Monthly manicures? Haircuts every six weeks? At home facials each Sunday?


Image by Kelly Cummings of The Year of Lettering


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  1. So true – I hear you!! It’s amazing how haircuts and things seem to get pushed to the bottom of the list, but it feels so good after it’s done. I’m calling right now to get an appointment I’ve been pushing off for weeks now – thanks for the push!

  2. I absolutely have to schedule my next hair appointment before I leave the salon at my current one, or else I put it off and put it off until I get frustrated with my hair months later.

    I used to do my own nails once a week, but that doesn’t really happen anymore. I’ve started getting manis, but I always feel guilty spending that money knowing I can do it myself! But lately I’ve started trying to accept that it’s worth the money because it really does make me feel better, it’s one less thing I have to worry about, and it’s 30 minutes of pure me time.

    • I totally feel the same way about manicures! The problem is getting yourself to sit down and not touch anything while you’re at home, literally waiting for paint to dry. Being at a nail salon really does help with that. Kind of like how working out at the gym always goes better for me than working out at home.

  3. I always schedule my next hair appointment at the end of the last – exactly 8 weeks to the day. Also, Saturday showers are set aside for shaving my legs and 15 minutes of alone time away from my two young daughters. I need to get back on a pedicure and manicure schedule.

    • You are so organized! I think when you have kids you really do need to schedule things more. I like the eight week rule for haircuts. When I go in this week I’m going to use that tip!

  4. Love that poster, love that quote, and love this resolution! I definitely need to follow suit. I haven’t gotten my hair properly cut by my stylist in far too long. I’m even letting important things like my chiropractor visit slide (*ahem* 2 months late).
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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