Weekend Links + Certainty

Cozy Image by Daria Zarwona

It’s aloha Friday, friends – no work ’til Monday! We have just a little over two (chilly) weeks left before we jet out for Thanksgiving and there’s so much to do before then. Two family birthdays to celebrate, lots of holiday posts to shoot, and let’s not forget about Christmas shopping! I love all of this stuff but we’re definitely going to be on the go.

So here’s to creating time this weekend to look up from your to do list and breathe in all the loveliness around you. And while you’re at it, here are five fascinating things for you to ponder:

The entrepreneurial part of me is dying to do this.

Did you know that Bill Gates was this funny? (My favorite part is at 3 minutes 50 seconds.)

In case you can’t get enough Earl Grey sweetness.

Ira Glass has all the right moves.

You don’t need to be certain to fly.

What are you up to this weekend?


Photo by Daria Zarowna

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  1. LOL i just posted about my terrible to do list. yes, yes, breathe in loveliness, yes. and eat chocolate.

  2. I loved that video of Seinfield & Bill Gates. Seinfield is just about the funniest man on the planet (I’m also a fan of Steve Carrel & I do think Mindy Kaling’s pretty hilarious in an understated way).

    Thanks for sharing so many fun links–I’m feeling the holiday rush too–many things to do/enjoy/experience. I’m so glad I’m not having this baby until AFTER the holidays. You going to Hawaii for Thanksgiving?

  3. Funny clip! That tart looks fabulous. I’m hoping to get my Christmas shopping done early this year, but somehow I doubt that’s going to happen as life has been really busy lately. We had a great weekend filled with friends and food. šŸ˜€ Hope yours was nice too!

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