DIY Watch Dog Halloween Costume

DIY Halloween Dog Costume: Watchdog

Kona isn’t much of a watchdog. She growls quietly if she hears noises in the hallway, but as soon as she meets the person making the noises it’s all puppy kisses and ear nibbles and happy-to-see-you dances. So we’re going with irony — and multiple puns — here by dressing her up as a “watch dog” for Halloween! We got the idea from MJ, who posts fantastic lunchbox note puns on her Instagram feed, one of which was about a watch-wearing dog.

This is possibly the simplest Halloween costume ever, so you can definitely whip it up at the last minute if you’re on the fence about dressing up your pooch. Especially if you have a human-child with tiny t-shirts that are no longer in use.


Baby T-shirt
Iron transfer paper

DIY Halloween Dog Costume: Watchdog

Find a drawing of a watch and set your printer to print its mirror image. Allow the ink to dry for at least half an hour, then cut around the illustration, leaving a thin white border around the edges so all the details remain in-tact.

DIY Halloween Dog Costume: Watchdog

Place the image face-down on the t-shirt and move your hot iron in circles over the transfer paper. Follow the instructions on your transfer paper packet. In general, you’ll want to use high heat and work on a hard surface (ie: not an ironing board), spending about 20 seconds on each part of the image. Wait until the paper is cool, then pull off the backing to reveal your design!

DIY Halloween Dog Costume: Watchdog

We may need to get Kona a slightly bigger t-shirt to accommodate for all her fluff. But for today, she seems to be okay sporting the muscle tee look. This face says: “Can I have more apples if I keep posing?”

DIY Halloween Dog Costume: Watchdog

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  1. adorable. your dog is so loved.

  2. Oh my word. Way to bring a pun to real life!! And that last shot of Kona is just priceless. xoxo, MJ

  3. Super adorable!

  4. i mean this is the cutest and best idea of have heard for a dog costume in a long time. So creative!

  5. How cute and clever! I love that last picture. šŸ™‚

  6. Cute! The shirt makes her look so slim! šŸ™‚

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