Advertise on Frock Files!

With fall settling in and the holidays on the horizon, I’ve decided to begin offering a couple of affordable advertising options. If you’re a small business owner who’s already thinking about ways to market yourself in the coming season, I’d love to have you.

To learn more about the options available, click on the “Advertise on Frock Files” button in the sidebar or just follow this link. Merchants may begin advertising at any point in the month, and ads last for a one month period. Just select the size you’d like, upload your image and link, and wait for approval. Simple!

Frock Files reaches a targeted group of readers who are interested in cooking, crafts, fashion, family, friendship, and happiness, all with an emphasis on simplicity. In other words, Frock Files readers enjoy life’s little luxuries.

Thanks for keeping in touch, and don’t miss today’s regularly scheduled post: Pumpkin Mochi!

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