Kona the Corgi’s Many Quirks

Kona the Corgi at 10 weeks

Kona has been home for five days now, and in that short period of time we’ve discovered that she’s one quirky puppy. Here are the five kookiest things we’ve learned about her:

1. She loves NPR and George Winston. Whenever she’s stressed out and crying, we turn on Radiolab or This American Life and she chills out within a couple of minutes. The George Winston part I’m less excited about. And she hates the news.

2. At night, she’ll cry in her crate until we turn on a sleep hypnosis recording called Happy App. Then she’s out like a light for a full eight hours! (This totally amazes us.)

3. She’s not interested in her food unless it’s mixed with goat’s milk yogurt. (I know. I know.)

4. The sun is not her friend. When we go outside for walks during the day, she runs to the first shady spot she can find and will. Not. Budge.

5. But she loves the rain. We had a downpour on Friday and we got great walks in that day. She also loves being wrapped up in a towel to be dried off afterward. With her fur drenched, she shrinks down to half her width!

What weird things do your furry friends do?

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  1. Ha! I love how dogs have funny little quirks.. just like people I guess! 😉 Bella won’t eat if someone isn’t home, but she also won’t eat if someone is standing right next to her. We have to be the perfect distance away. She also does a crazy run-around routine after a bath, and despite having a bed of her own and a huge couch to sleep on, her favorite sleeping spot is atop the clothing storage bags under the bed.

    • My nephew used to have a crazy post-bath run around routine too when he was a baby! Ha! Bella is such a character. I think it’s so sweet that she sleeps under her bed. I wonder if she thinks, “Ah, I’m as close to my pack as I can get.”

  2. Ahh I love her quirks! We always leave NPR on for Parsley when we go out. Even though she loves to swim – she hates the rain, so much so that she’ll postpone going outside to potty! She’s also a dark leafy greens fiend – just loves them, along with the cherry tomatoes growing in our garden.

  3. Wow! Dogs usually hate rain, that is weird. Good thing she lives in New England, she’ll love Spring! Maggie hates rain but LOVES to frolic in the snow. She is comical.

    • How does Duncan feel about the rain? It doesn’t seem like much bothers him. We’ll see how Kona does with the snow – it seems that she likes anything cool, so I think she’ll be right at home in it!

  4. My heart is melting over here! She is the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen. Seriously. And her quirks just make her all the more adorable!
    Lucy’s quirks are that she will never eat out of your hand. ever. Her favourite position is flopped on her back like a sea otter. She snores. She greets you at the door, follows you around, comes when she is called – she’s basically a dog in a cat’s body

    • I adore Lucy! She reminds me so much of my first cat, Imogen. She was also a doglike cat and she followed me everywhere, like she was on an invisible leash! My favorite of Lucy’s quirks is the snoring. It must’ve cracked you up the first time!

  5. p.s I think Kona and Lucy would be best friends.

  6. She’s just the cutest! My Cocoa used to like being all wrapped up in towels to get dried off after a bath. My cat would always sit like a person on the sofa. Not lay down. But, like sit. With his back against the back of the sofa and his feet out. All he needed was a remote control and something to casually sip on. : ) So funny!

    • Lounging cats are my favorite! I always tried to get my cat to sit that way, but she wouldn’t have any of it. They do look like little old men, don’t they?

  7. Oh my goodness, I cannot take the cuteness that is Kona! I know all about crazy animal quirks… My oldest cat, Beouf, will only eat his food if you stand and watch him (and gives crazy head butts to your face if you ask for a kiss), my little cat, Chester, will yell at me to give him treats and then fall over on his back while he’s begging for them, Miss Kitty will only drink water out of the bathroom faucet and our pup, Mary, will make a nest out of any random towel or blanket that’s hanging around. I love how much character animals have!

    • Oh my gosh, they sound hilarious! I would love a crazy head butt kiss from Beouf — which, by the way, is the best name I’ve ever heard of for a cat!

  8. How is it possible that Kona is so cute and loveable? Have you seen that Boo dog that is all the rage with the youngsters right now? Yep, Kona reminds me of Boo. And on top of all that, Kona has these cool little quirks. NPR? Stop it. We used to have a Persion cat (we lost her last year) and she would eat her dry food with her paw. I’m not kidding. She would scoop the food into her mouth with her paw! It was her cool trick (that she taught herself) which we shared with anyone and everyone, of course. She would also play fetch! Yep, I think she secretly wanted to be a dog.

    • Doglike cats are the best! My old cat also used to eat with her paw. She loved to scoop her food into her water bowl, then scoop it into her mouth. It made a mess, but it was hilarious.

  9. How cute that Kona has such personality! We don’t have any furry ones at our house, but the girls definitely have personality quirks that always surprise us. Right now they are obsessed with the Michael Jackson song “Human Nature” and grilled walla walla sweet onions. 😀

  10. We have a corgi named Thea who puts herself to bed at night. All three of our dogs are crate trained so into bed (“Go to your room!”) they go at bedtime. Around 9 or so, Thea Turbo McFatty will get herself up, take a last look over her shoulder and take herself off to bed. She’s a loner, that one.. She suffers the rest of us.

    Your Kona is a dear.

  11. Congrats on Kona! Love the quirks too. Both of our labs have them, but one that I love and hate at the same time – our puppy Gibson has to sit on my feet while I do the dishes each night. Wonder how this will go over when he’s 100 lbs.

  12. I love my new puppy niece! She’s the cutest!

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