How To: Make Over Your Market Cart

Frock Files | A Market Cart Makeover Is My Fave

When I asked James for a “granny cart” on my birthday last year, he thought I was joking but he bought me one anyway. I’m totally in love with it. Since we live in a condo, I always have things to lug to and from my car and the cart makes it a thousand times easier. The only problem is that it’s black and plastic — wholly utilitarian.

So for my latest post on You Are My Fave, I decided to do a market cart facelift just in time for all those farmer’s markets and picnics! I drew inspiration from all those droolworthy vintage bicycles I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest. Ooh la la!

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  1. Such a clever idea, Joy. Only you could make that cart look so cute and chic. Like you, I’m very much looking forward to Farmers Market visits and picnics galore. Summer means spending as much time outdoors as possible!

  2. I think I recognize some of that washi tape!

  3. SO Cute!

  4. Fab as always J! Beautiful re-vamp =) xo

  5. With a pretty cart like that, i’ll take everywhere else in addition to the market!

  6. How cute! So not granny-ish… love it!

  7. This is the cutest granny cart ever šŸ™‚ Love the color!

  8. This really turned out to be so super cute. xo, MJ

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