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Frock Files | Visit to Portland

The problem with loving all of the cities I’ve lived in is that I’m always a little bit homesick for one of them. On the other hand, there’s a giddy sort of glee that comes with going back to visit all the places I miss when I’m gone. We spent our four short days in Portland visiting with friends (like Stephanie and Melissa) and eating at restaurants we love. James also indulged me by visiting all my favorite shops. The Meadow in Northeast Portland is a chocolate, wine, and flower shop that just can’t be matched. We stopped by there and I bought a huuuuuge bouquet. My favorites were the ranunculas and the white tulips with the frayed edges.

Frock Files | Portland

Frock Files | Portland

When I lived in Portland, Lindsey and I had a tea ritual — we’d drink tea on my couch, at her house, and on very rare occasions, at the Heathman Hotel. Since we only get to see each other a few days of the year, we got fancied up for afternoon tea beneath this amazing chandelier.

Frock Files | Portland

Frock Files | Portland

And, of course, we had cupcakes. Twice. These are from a cupcake shop at Bridgeport Village, but we also got some from Cupcake Jones, which is home to the best red velvet cupcake and the biggest hearted owners (they donate a portion of their profits to charity every week).

Frock Files | Portland

We also had dinner at the best ever ramen shop, Yuzu; visited Eugene for the first time; and I did some damage at Aritzia (a Canadian store that we don’t have out here). The best part was spending time with friends and enjoying all the Portland greenery. Here are the cherry blossom trees that were bursting to life outside of our hotel.

Frock Files | Portland

We’re so happy to be home in Boston, especially after what happened on Monday, but I’m glad I got to fill up on Portland. Yesterday, my dear friend Gemma from London emailed me and I got homesick for that city! A vicious cycle, for sure. Do you ever get homesick for other cities you’ve lived in? What do you miss most?

P.S. Did you get to visit me and Melissa over at Lulu the Baker? I’m talking about what I always have on the ready in my kitchen. After this post, it’ll make complete sense!

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  1. Beautiful pictures and that’s so great that you got to visit some blogging friends!

  2. Awwww, Portland. So glad you got to eat/drink/shop your way through this lovely city while you were here:). XO

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. You know just the way to my heart with all these beautiful flower photos. It sounds like the best part of the trip was catching up with friends. Can we have tea together someday, please? Like you, I’ve lived in many different cities and love each one for different reasons. With both New York and Boston, what I miss most is the energy of the city. The last time we were in New York (too many years ago now), we visited all our old stomping grounds, favorite eateries, and walked past our old apartment. It’s so much fun to reminisce. Gosh, I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about it now.

  4. Joy, it’ was so great to see you! I do selfishly wish you still lived here. 🙂 Those frayed white tulips are gorgeous! I really need to check out Yuzu… I love ramen!

  5. Great seeing you! Always makes me happy!!

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