DIY Real Life Pin Board

Frock Files | DIY Giant Bulletin Board

Do you watch Homeland? We got totally hooked on it and while, yes, I get wrapped up in the storyline, whenever they’re at Carrie’s apartment I’m totally distracted by her giant floor-to-ceiling bulletin board! Ever since I saw it, I’ve been trying to figure out how to create my own bulletin board, so that I could create what I like to call “Pinterest in real life.”

After finding this tutorial on Apartment Therapy, I went for it and created my own. Since the original tutorial doesn’t have any step-by-step photos, I thought I’d attempt my own here.


16 one-foot (12″ x 12″) cork squares
Razor blade (Xacto knife)
16 square feet of foam core board
Heavy duty masking tape
Heavy duty double sided tape
Four drywall anchors
Four screws
Aluminum tape

Frock Files | DIY Giant Bulletin Board

Cut the foam core into your desired shape using a razor. I wanted mine to be a 4′ x 4′ square.

Frock Files | DIY Giant Bulletin Board

Tape all of your pieces together on both sides using the heavy duty masking tape.

Frock Files | DIY Giant Bulletin Board

Add double sided tape to each of your cork squares and adhere them to the foam core board.

Frock Files | DIY Giant Bulletin Board

Make four marks along each side with a pen, about half an inch in from the edge. You’ll use these as guides for aligning the aluminum tape. While you could do it in one long length of tape, I found that using smaller sections made the job easier. The tape covers the jagged edges of the foam core. It’s still not going to be perfect, but it definitely looks more finished.

Frock Files | DIY Giant Bulletin Board

Mark about two inches in from each corner, then drill small holes at each mark. Have someone hold the board up to the wall so that you can level it and then poke a pencil through each hole to mark where the drywall anchors will go. If you have dark walls like I do, use a white out pen.

Install the drywall anchor by drilling a hole, then screwing the anchor in with a Phillips head screwdriver. Line the bulletin board up with the holes and screw in at each corner.

Frock Files | DIY Giant Bulletin Board

Another big blank wall conquered! I’m so excited to finally have a place to pin real-life things that inspire me. And each time I look at it, I’ll be reminded of friendship, since artwork from Paige and my Project Postal partner, Ruth, hangs right at eye level.

What would you put on your real-life pin board?

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  1. LOVE how it turned out! That is an excellent idea – I always forget how $$$ bulletin boards are!

    I’ve been wanting to turn our weird gray wall into a “goal wall” for the family of sorts…but it probably would turn out super junky. I think it’s truly just me procrastinating on doing that gallery wall!

  2. OHHH I need this!!! What an awesome tutorial. I really want to make this. Love.

  3. Ok, I want, no, need one of these. The cork board I currently have is not nearly big enough. I’m constantly taking everything down and redoing my board to make room for new quotes, inspiring words, important reminders, and beautiful images. Thanks for providing the tutorial. It sounds easy enough. I love seeing what you’ve (literally) pinned so far. šŸ˜‰

  4. How fun to have a giant bulletin board! Love the grey walls in your office, and that feather in your writing utensil cup is so cute!

  5. I so need to do this! Our one little cork board square is just not cutting it, LOL.

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