Creating a Salon Wall: Part Two

Gallery walls are sort of an obsession for me, but that doesn’t mean I’m very good at them. In fact, our gallery wall in the living room is hiding a number of oops nail holes. This all has to do with the fact that gallery walls involved math, and math just isn’t my strong suit. But no longer!

I found this nifty photo hanging tool at Home Depot and I got my office gallery wall up in about half an hour — that’s less than half the time it would have taken me using my old methods. As you saw yesterday, I laid the pieces out on the floor to get an idea about the arrangement. Then, starting with the bottom center piece, I began hanging. You’ll want to hang the bottom pieces first if you’re using this tool because otherwise it gets knocked around by whatever’s hanging above. Here’s how to use it:

Frock Files | Salon Wall

Hang your artwork on the tool’s hook. Hold the tool and the artwork up to the spot you’ve chosen on the wall. Remove the artwork, but keep the tool pressed against the wall. (Let’s pretend my wood floor is the wall — I didn’t have a trusty tripod to take photos against the actual wall.)

Frock Files | Salon Wall

Press the button beneath the hook you hung your artwork on. This will make a small prick in your wall to indicate where to put the nail or picture hanger.

Frock Files | Salon Wall

Remember that if you’re using a picture hanger you’ll want to line up the bottom of the hook with the hole. Using a nail? Just nail right into the indentation.

Frock Files | Salon Wall

Voila! The old method involved tracing each frame, cutting it out, eyeballing it on the wall, measuring the distance between the hook and the other frames…and usually not getting it right the first time. Totally time consuming and always a little frustrating. I didn’t make any extra holes in my wall this time!

The salon wall gives me the same feeling as adding just the right jewelry to an outfit. Because I’m a goldfish, I keep forgetting that it’s there and when I walk in to do work I’m pleased by it all over again! Such a small amount of effort for a big impact.

What part of your home makes you happiest?

Want to know more about the artist who painted the little painting featured here? Visit C Squared W to meet Clare!

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  1. I love this post! Fist of all – a “hang and level” tool – where has that been all my life?!? That sounds like a God-send! We’ve been hanging all kinds of things around here, and I wish I’d known about that sooner! We still have a few more pieces to hang, so there’s still time! Secondly – I LOVE your little salon wall! It looks so great, Joy, and all the pieces you hung are so cool. I love the stories behind them! And last but not least – I love that my painting is a part of this pretty wall! It looks awesome! Thanks for featuring it!

    • Thank YOU for the beautiful painting, Clare! And yes, you should absolutely get the tool if you’re doing any more art hanging. I think it was about $10 and it’s worth way more than that for my sanity.

  2. I am the WORST at hanging pictures! Thanks for the tip šŸ™‚

  3. What a nifty tool! We are really bad about hanging photos and only recently hung the 8×10 portraits we had taken last August of our family and the girls. šŸ˜› We could definitely use more art in our house, and I love the idea of a salon wall!

  4. I love this tool! It made the giant gallery wall in my kitchen go up so super fast! Great post!

  5. I have never heard of this tool and I love it. I’m in the middle of converting my daughter’s room from a toddler room into a “big girl” room and I’ve got plans to create a gallery wall, so your tip arrives at the perfect time. I was going to rely (and probably wait for a long time) for my husband to hang all the frames. However, with this tool, I think I’ll attempt it on my own! Thanks, Joy! You’ve empowered me. šŸ˜‰

    • You can do it! I find it really energizing to hang things up — I think it’s because it makes such a big difference in the way a room feels.

  6. Love this tool! I just added it to my wishlist. I have 8 pictures waiting mats, so I’ll be needing one of those soon. And I have to comment on that beautiful picture of the London Bridge, did you take it yourself?

  7. That photo hanging tool is pure genius! Your office looks like the perfect cozy space. I particularly love the wall color…do you mind sharing what it is?

    • Thanks, Lauren! It’s Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Grey. I think it’s a perfect, warm grey (if there’s such a thing).

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