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As you read this, it’s likely that I’m still headed to Salt Lake with a bulging carry on and a fully loaded iPad. My suitcase is another story. I imagine some TSA agent doing a random screening on it, pulling out all that lace and tulle and wondering what kind of mad tea party I could be headed to.

Since the new year is still fresh, I find that I’m framing every new experience in terms of goals. This isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I’ve always been someone who’s open to the possibility of something coming along that’s better than anything I could conjure in my imagination. But since I started setting goals and meeting them, I’ve found that doing so gives me more impetus to reach higher, or further.

That said, this first experience at Alt isn’t going to be about numbers or sponsors or even, really, fashion. My goals at the conference are about immersing myself in the experience.

Soak It Up

Alt is basically the opportunity to learn from the design and blogging world’s rock stars. As you’ve probably heard by now, a certain starlet will be at Alt this year, but I’m honestly a million times more excited about learning from people like Stefan Sagmeister, who gave the most amazing TED talk at that conference last year. Nicole Balch, Ez Pudewa, Melanie Blodgett, Victoria Hudgins, and Christine Castro-Hughes are all going to be there too, and I’m so excited to hear about what they have to say.


I love working at home. But there are definitely times where I wished that Twitter were an actual office building, and that we could all have actual conversations over cups of coffee, rather than 140 character snippets over computer screens. I’m excited about engaging with other bloggers face-to-face, despite the fact that there’s potential for awkwardness at first. That ice needs to be broken at some point, and since this community feels so welcoming already, I’m sure it’ll happen quickly.

And then there’s this big underlying goal that I’m going to try to control as much as I possibly can:


Don’t Get Sick

Because I’m that girl who gets sick every time she flies. I plan on closing the air vents, using plenty of antibacterial hand lotion, taking lots of Wellness Capsules, drinking plenty of water, and trying to get as much sleep as possible.

I’ll report back on this, and everything else. Oh, and I’ll be on Instagram like crazy, so follow me if you want to see what this conference looks like in that lovely, hipster-y filtered way that we’re all so fond of.

And check back here on Friday for the first in a series of Valentine’s Day prep posts — I’ve got the easiest, prettiest confection lined up for you!

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  1. Have an awesome time! I hope the experience is AWESOME!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!! =)

  2. Happy trip, Love Bunny.

  3. I hope you have the best time!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. You’re going to have such a wonderful time! Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you don’t get sick. Enjoy!

  5. I love this post, Joy. It’s a wonderful goal and mindset to enter Alt with no other agenda than to just be present and make lasting connections. You are doing a great job taking us along via Instagram and Twitter. I feel like I’m sitting right next to you. Thank you. Keep it coming but, most importantly, have the best time.
    PS~Fingers, legs, eyes crossed that you don’t get sick.

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