5 Simple Travel Tips

Five Easy Travel Tips

Our trip to Hawaii was a whirlwind. If any of you are following me on Instagram, you know that we first stopped in Portland for just a day so that I could say hello to Lindsey’s brand new baby girl. Then we hopped on over to O’ahu for four days with my family, and then over to the Big Island for a day in Waikoloa. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

Travel, with its many varying components, can quickly become complicated. Since I’ve done a lot of moving about over the past decade, I’ve discovered a few techniques to simplify travel and I thought I’d share them with you.

Mail your clothes. Raise your hand if you always end up trying to do all your laundry the day before a big trip? Yeah, that’s me, too. I’m also the person whose luggage gets lost by the airlines all the time. Whenever I can, I ship my clothes out at least a week in advance of my departure so that I don’t have to worry about finding myself in either of those sticky situations. On top of that, I love the freedom of breezing through the airport without stopping at baggage claim.

Dress in layers. It seems to be that airplanes are either too hot or too cold, so I’ve finally developed a pretty good outfit for combatting either of those situations. Leggings, a tank top or sleeveless dress/tunic, a cardigan, and ballet flats. The flats also make it easy to go through security. Oh, and always pack a pashmina — airlines never seem to have blankets anymore, and even if they do, who knows how clean they are?

When possible, opt for rentals over hotels. For one thing, vacation rentals usually have a kitchen or kitchenette of some kind, so you can prepare some of your meals rather than eating out every single time. I’m also so much more interested in what locals do than going on sightseeing missions, so I try to look for rentals outside of the big tourist traps.

Pack a bag within your bag. I never have enough room in my small, under-the-seat carry on for everything I need during a flight. This might be because I’m kind of a high maintenance flyer — at any given moment, I may pull out socks, snacks, bulky noise canceling headphones, a book, a magazine, moisturizer…the list goes on. But I can’t to be one of those people who stand in the aisle to dig through their bigger carry on before hefting them into the overhead bin. I put whatever I may need in a handy, collapsible Envirosax bag at the very top of my big carry on, so I just have to pull out one thing before finding my seat.

Bring a thermos. When you’re trying to handle two carry ons and your tickets, things can quickly get messy with the addition of a drink. A few years ago, a friend gave me this vacuum tumbler from Tiger and I take it everywhere. It’s spill proof, and it keeps things at their original temperature for far longer than you could imagine. For early morning flights, I often ask the Starbucks baristas to mix their oatmeal in this thermos, which gives me something nice and hot to eat on the plane (just don’t forget to pack a long spoon!).

What tips can you share for the busy holiday travel season?

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  1. These are such great tips, Joy. I’ve never thought to mail clothing ahead of time. With luggage for four, I would love to mail my family’s clothing to our hotel in Hawaii. That would be great! I also really like the idea of a bag within a bag. Super smart! I do dress in layers – that tip I have down. 🙂

    • Oh yes, I see families with tons of luggage and it seems like such a struggle! Just remember to also pack some duffel bags for anything you buy while traveling. We forgot last time and ended up having to buy one. Mailing tends to be slightly more expensive than airline fees, but I figure that we make that up by having a lot less stress on travel day.

  2. Great tips! We love vacation rentals… they are a must with kids. I need to incorporate the thermos idea into my travel routine… I’m always hungry! Have a great weekend!

    • Me too, Steph. And cold airline sandwiches just never sound that appealing. I also like to bring a bento box with rice and chicken on the airplane. For some reason, nothing sounds better than that when I’m flying.

  3. Clare Wilkinson says:

    Smart. So very smart! I’m with you on the travel outfit. I feel like I’ve mastered that over the past two years. You are so right – it’s all about the layers and a pashmina!!!

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