Weekend Links: Hunkering Down

Weekend Links at Frock Files

There’s a big ol’ storm coming our way. They’re calling it “Frankenstorm” because it’s likely to be the confluence of four really awful weather events, all impacting this area at once. We’re preparing by making food that won’t go bad if the power goes out. Which, of course, is the perfect excuse to make more pumpkin donuts! (Okay, so we can’t live off of those, so we’re stocking up on canned goods too.) If your weekend is blissfully free of perfect storm preparedness, take a minute to enjoy the most wonderful things I found online this week:

If nothing else, watch Tom Hanks performing some beat poetry about Full House. Yes, as in the 90s television show. It will only make you love him more than you already do.

A simple, natural way to clean & disinfect your makeup brushes (you already have the ingredients).

This trailer has me thinking about how just a few seconds can change your life forever.

And this is making me feel a little better about wearing sweaters for the next five months.

Judges agree: this is the best chocolate chip cookie recipe around.

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  1. That cashmere sweater is gorgeous! What a find! šŸ™‚ I hope you have a safe weekend!

  2. Those cookies look amazing! And what a gorgeous cashmere sweater… so versatile, and I love the pockets! Stay safe, dry, and warm!

  3. Hi Joy! I never ever thought about using vinegar to clean makeup brushes – must try now, thanks for sharing!

    Also, I like the new blog header! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

    • The vinegar is actually an antiseptic, so it keeps your brushes from developing bacteria. Great, huh? Vinegar is a miracle substance.

  4. I just watched that trailer – Wow!
    Be safe during this storm. Holding out hope that it’s not as bad as predicted. (fingers x)
    PS~Loving the new header!

    • Thanks, Theresa! The header is only temporary — I’ve done a new design and my favorite developer is working on getting it live. I can’t wait to show it to you all.

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