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When Lindsey and I first met, we both had long dark hair, glasses, and a similar enough sense of style that everyone in the office we worked in constantly mistook one of us for the other. Even when we went out to lunch or shopping, people would stop and ask if we were twins. (Funnily enough, Lindsey actually has a twin — a fraternal one — who looks nothing like her.) We were outwardly annoyed and inwardly tickled at this. And this is how we became best friends.

Lindsey is constantly giving me the best beauty recommendations. I don’t buy makeup without her, and it’s because of her that my skin finally cleared up after over a dozen years of fighting acne. She has been lovely enough to put together this list of her favorite things, even though she’s in the midst of preparing for the biggest project of her life: a baby girl.


What do you do for a living? I’ve worked for an education consulting firm in downtown Portland as a happenstance event planner extraordinaire/executive assistant for the past five years, and before that I taught English in Japan. In my free time I love to play violin, craft goofy sock creatures and bake for dear friends. I daydream about starting an eclectic cupcakery someday!

Places you’ve lived: I grew up in Portland, OR (where I’ve settled with my husband & dingo) and went to school in Eugene, OR. I studied abroad in Tokyo in college, and am still genuinely shocked I’m not still lost on a subway seven years later (I have a terrible sense of direction even in my hometown). After college I live in northern Japan, which was quite the contrast to my time spent in Tokyo! Though some summer nights I still miss the crushing noise of the cicadas.

The place you’d most like to visit:Ā  I have been forever fascinated by India, and hope that I can visit in the near future. I studied Carnatic (classical music of southern India) violin a bit in college and would love to have the opportunity to really experience it first hand. And eat. All the things.

Your favorite indulgence: Facials at Skin by Marywynn…a favorite pastime usually shared with the lovely Joy Uyeno! Since going here, the talented ladies of Skin by Marywynn have managed to tame my crazy pregnancy skin – no small feat.

The best advice you’ve ever received: While watching birds eat bread crumbs with my dad as a kid, he said “never trust anything with backward knees.” Best advice? Maybe not, but it sure is my favorite.

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Aveda Shampure Soy Wax Candle
For when you need to lock yourself in a quiet room, turn on some music and pretend you’re at the spa.

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Color in Pirate
Here’s the thing…on days where I am feeling like a puffy, tired, cranky beluga (WHAT pregnancy glow?), having Chanel Pirate on your toes makes it all better!

Susan Posnick Color-Flo Mineral Foundation
I’m a make-up junkie…but I’m also incredibly lazy! This single product works has replaced foundation, concealer and powder in my daily routine – all while being quick and easy to use.

LUSH Ocean Salt
Third trimester made tolerable – I look forward to this creamy, refreshing lime-coconut-vodka body scrub every day. Heaven in a shower!

Tiffany & Co. Silver Bead Earrings
I reach for these simple earrings practically every day.

Circus Peanuts
What are they really? Are they supposed to taste like banana? And why do I want them? Stupid pregnant cravings…my poor daughter may be circus-peanut colored.

My sister has given me two of these happy little good-luck piglets and I pat them on the head every day on my way out. I’m convinced everyone needs one!

Tea Forte Apricot Amaretto Tea
I have been savoring this tea all summer, especially over ice. It was an impromptu gift from a dear friend, which makes me smile with every sip.

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  1. Loved reading this post! That nail polish is such a gorgeous color and the body scrub sounds amazing!

  2. I’m salivating over that nail polish too!!! Perfect for fall, don’t you think? šŸ™‚

  3. Aw, Lindsey’s going to be a great mommy! She’s already so thoughtful, organized, stylish, and fun–all great examples for her little girl. šŸ™‚

  4. haha, I seriously laughed out loud when I read the line about her baby coming out circus peanut-colored!! haha, ohh pregnancy! Great bright lights pick, and love Lindsey’s picks…hope you open that cupcakery Lindsey!!

  5. Lindsey says:

    Thank you for featuring me, Joy! It was an honor to be on your lovely blog!!

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