Bright Lights on Adina from Gluten Free Travelette

Adina runs a fabulous blog (Gluten Free Travelette) chronicling her travel adventures on a gluten-free diet. I’m so thrilled that she’s sharing her travel essentials here on Frock Files!

What do you do for a living?: For my day job, I actually work in the emergency management field. I mostly work on product development, event planning, and coordinating with partner organizations. I also write about cooking gluten free with real ingredients, traveling with food intolerances, and growing an edible garden over at my blog, Gluten Free Travelette.

Places you’ve lived: I’m currently living in the Ballard area of Seattle, WA and loving it! I’m originally from Los Altos, CA and spent about 8 years skipping along the California coast living in San Diego, Monterey, and Capitola – always within walking distance of the Pacific Ocean.

The place you’d most like to visit: My top places that I’d most like to visit are the Basque Region of Spain and Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. I’ve found a street with my family’s last name just outside of Bilbao and in Pinar Del Rio there is, or at least once was, a bridge named after my great grandfather. While I probably won’t be going to Cuba anytime soon, I’ll be visiting that street in Spain this September!

Your favorite indulgence: Massage therapy, it’s like a massage at a spa combined with physical therapy. Calming and relaxing combined with positive results on how my body is functioning overall. I also like a good facial now and then – but haven’t found just the right spot here in Seattle yet.

 The best advice you’ve ever received: I recently started reading a book called Pioneers of the Possible: Celebrating Visionary Women of the World by Angella M. Nazarian. In it she quotes leadership expert Marcus Buckingham, “Study the happiest and most successful women and you’ll realize they ignore balance, and strive for fullness instead.” I can’t even begin to tell you how much that sentence has changed my outlook on life in the last couple of months. All of a sudden it feels like this huge weight has been lifted off me and I feel free. It’s amazing how much pressure I was putting on myself by trying to find balance in my life.

1. FS/NY Sloop in Black Napa: A great flat that’s compact for travel and goes with pretty much anything.

2. Choice Organic Teas Genmaicha: I’m a bit of green tea fan, I think I’ve got around 7 different types in my tea drawer right now, but this one is my favorite.

3. Jack Black Lemon Chamomile Lip Balm: Technically it’s for men, but it’s a great lip balm that’s not too sticky and it has some sun protection in it as well.

4. Dr. Hauschka Brown Mascara: I’m pretty low key with my make up routine, but this brown mascara that doesn’t clump is on of my go to products.

5. Therm-o Terra: Until recently I never had the wisdom to bring a travel mug with me when I fly. This changed with this easily cleanable double walled glass one.

6. Moleskine XL Monthly Notebook: In order to keep all the calendars in my life straight I’ve defaulted to a paper version. Plus it’s a great to have a place to write down ideas and take notes.

7. My Custom Yellow Cat Mary Bag: My mother-in-law gifted me one of Mary’s amazing bags for my birthday last year and it’s been my go to travel bag. I worked with Mary to pick out custom fabrics that happened to match my wedding colors.

8. Acqua Cures Cellular Repair: A wonderful esthetician in California recommended this cream to me to put on before traveling. It’s super dense and does a great job at protecting my skin from drying out on long flights and drives.

9. Kashmere Green Oversized Plaid Cashmere Scarf: Even if it’s 90 degrees at my destination, I know I’m going to get cold on the plane. So my oversize travel scarf is a necessity.

Be sure to check out Gluten Free Travelette for more recommendations, recipes, and travel tales from Adina!

Photos of Adina were taken by Claire Barret

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  1. Adina, thanks so much for sharing that quote about balance. I’m going to let it seep into my unbalanced brain & let it dissolve all my anxiety about being “unbalanced”! I’m going to put that book on my to read list, thank you!

    You are naturally so gorgeous, btw!

  2. Love that quote! And that travel mug is SO pretty!

  3. I needed that quote today! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Yay! I’m glad everyone loved that quote so much! I feel like I need a big poster in my house that has it – so I can be reminded of it all the time!

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