Bright Lights on Louise @ Laid Off Mom

Louise is representative of so many people who saw the blessings in disguise that came with the poor economy. After losing her job as an apparel designer last summer, Louise came to the realization that she could use this time to focus on her two young daughters, and her passion for creating beautiful things. Her blog, Laid Off Mom, chronicles her adventures as she raises her daughters, creates a beautiful home, and discovers new craft and sewing projects. Among my favorites are her posts on creating ombre tissue pom poms and creating a super thoughtful care package. Louise has been an incredibly encouraging force in my life — and her top 10 Bright Lights picks are encouraging me in other ways as well. Thanks, Louise!

1.    The “Cover Me In Petals” color by Sephora for OPI is one of my favorite spring colors right now.  Just the right amount of boldness, and it pairs well with my olive skin tone.

2.    If I could wear these Levi’s Slight Curve Skinny Jeans everyday, I would!  They nip and tuck in all the right places, and the waistband has just the right amount of stretch for my mommy curves.

3.   I’ve tried several foundation primers, and the Bare Minerals Primer takes the cake!  Doesn’t dry my skin, and my makeup sits still.

4.   My Marc Jacobs Damisi Patchwork Bucket Bag is big enough for my personal stuff, and my mommy stuff (i.e. wipes, pull ups, and snacks).  And if I’ve got my hands full, which I do most of the time, I can convert the strap so that it becomes a crossbody bag.  I love the color too; it brightens up even the most basic of outfits.

5.    I cannot start the day without my coffee, and my Anthropologie Monogram Mug helps me start the day on a lovely note!  I also lucked out with the colors — red and teal — two of my favorites!

6.    I bought these moccasin slippers from Target when they were 60% off, and don’t let the price tag fool you — these are the ultimate in comfort!  The faux fur lining inside envelopes my footsies with yummy softness!  I wear them almost everyday!

7.     Men’s glasses!  I know!! But when I was picking out these Gucci frames, these were the only ones that I caught my eye!  I remember the lady at the optometrist’s office kept nudging me towards the women’s frames, but I ignored her!  Slightly dorky, and New Girl-esque = so ME!

8.     The hubbs bought this mother of pearl Tiffany’s pendant for me as a Valentine’s gift awhile back, and I absolutely love it!  I don’t think I need to explain why, do I?

9.    Even if I’m having a bad day, or wearing a simple basic tee and jeans., just a spritz of my Dior Addict Shine makes my day better, if not, even more Glam!

10.   I constantly have thoughts and ideas running through my head, so I like to keep a lil’ notepad in my bag wherever I go, to jot everything down.  What I love about Moleskine  is the elastic band that keep my notepad closed so that all the pages don’t end up flying everywhere.  LOVE!

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  1. I love the glasses! If I could own Jess’s wardrobe – I probably would…
    The moleskin is a must as well! I’ve given up on electronic calendars and I stick with a moleskin monthly planner for work and personal stuff.

  2. I love all her suggestions for little pick-me ups – be it bright nails, a glamorous spritz or a cheerful mug. Lovely and accessible!

  3. “An encouraging force in your life..” you got me blushing Joy! I’m happy that other people find my faves great. Always glad to share lovely stuff! Thx again for having me!

  4. I love love love Bare Escentuals’ primer! I’ve been wearing their makeup since high school, and I really wish they’d had it all along. I like both the regular and the brightening primers 🙂 Great picks!

  5. I swear we’re like sistas from another mother haha. I’m a big fan of all her things. LOVE the primer and I can never live without a moleskin. Ever.

  6. Moleskins and mens glasses! Yes! I always have a moleskin in my purse. Love getting to know you, Louise 🙂 Great job, Joy!

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