Follow Friday: Chevrons & Eclairs

Since I’m pretty new to the Twittersphere, I was a little confused when I first saw the code #FF. Although it would be fabulous if it stood for Frock Files, it actually stands for something even better: Follow Friday. What I love about the lifestyle bloggers I’ve met is the sense of community. Everyone’s rooting for one another — and why not? All these ladies are innovative, motivated, and intelligent.

Supal is no exception — in fact, she’s one of the most dynamic bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Her blog, Chevrons & Eclairs, is about travel, fashion, cooking, and beauty, but that could all be summed up by the adjective divine. Most self-described policy wonks I know aren’t also incredibly stylish, great cooks who can give you a recipe for a homemade masque off the tops of their heads.

Spending time at Chevrons & Eclairs makes me feel warm and a little Parisian. Like, of course we should make fabulous meals topped off with equally gorgeous cocktails, all the while wearing pretty dresses and red lipstick. Of course! I highly recommend spending some time there this weekend. I always find that my visits there serve as a little reminder to live life with all my senses.

Among the many things Supal is doing with her life, she’s running a great project called Art to Inspiration. If you’d like to take part in this project, this link will take you to the subscription page.

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  1. I second that. Supal’s blog is AWESOME. Very, very cool 🙂

  2. Thank you so so so much. I’m blushing over here! So glad we became blog friends and hopefully we all can change that soon and become *real* friends! xo

  3. Supal is one of my favorite bloggers – hands down! Her personality extends past her blog. She is also one of my favorite people on Twitter! Great pick.

    • Thanks, Andrea! Yes, Supal’s blog is so lovely — the full package: smart stuff, recipes, beautiful images, solid writing. Love it.

  4. Love Supal’s blog – and love that I’ve discovered yours!

  5. Of course!! Supal is a daily source of inspiration for me as well. She is a skilled at many things, but most of all she is a great friend and encourage-r! LOVE YA SUPS! 🙂 🙂 Great post, Joy, so sweet and real!

  6. Wow, she is gorgeous. Love your blog!

  7. She sure is!

  8. totally agree…lovely blog!

  9. Ooh, what a gorgeous blog! I’ve added it to my list. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  10. I love Supal’s blog! She does a fantastic job and has a terrific concept. 🙂 Her blog has become one of my daily reads.

  11. I like your collage. And red lipstick. You can never go wrong with that.

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